The Salon and Spa Beauty Treatments We Miss the Most

The Salon and Spa Beauty Treatments We Miss the Most

With many salons and spas still closed or at reduced capacity, we’ve learned to adapt our beauty routines to match our new normal. Think lots of at-home manicures, sheet masks, and foot peels. However, we’d be lying if we said we didn’t miss our salon and spa beauty treatments. There’s nothing like a moment of pamper and care at the salon, and today, we can’t help but think of the treatments we’ve been missing since quarantine began. Below, a few of our editors are sharing what they miss the most—and plan to head back to first as soon as it is safe to do so…


“While I’m all about a dedicated at-home skincare routine and have mine pretty much dialed in, I am by no means a professional with the necessary tools of the trade. Not only do I miss leaving my skin in the hands of skilled professionals, but I also crave the temporary respite that facial treatments allow you to revel in. There’s nothing like escaping reality in a relaxing environment and walking out with rejuvenated skin.” – Jessi, Senior Editor


“I’ve embraced many DIY beauty treatments during the course of the pandemic, from foot peels to replace my usual pedicures to at-home haircuts. However, I can’t wait until I can safely return to the salon for a touch-up microblading treatment.  I first got my brows done a couple of years ago, and I loved not having to fill them in every morning! Much of the color has since faded though. In the meantime, thank goodness for my Lauren Conrad Beauty Eyebrow Pencil.” – Ilana, Managing Editor

Regular Massages

“A few years ago, I invested in a massage membership due to some back issues I was having at the time and I ended up keeping it because I loved it so much! The past year has made me realize how much I miss that monthly “me time” and how beneficial regular massages were, not just for my physical health, but also for my mental health. Paying for a membership felt a little gratuitous at first, but I have since realized that those massages made a huge difference in my overall well-being, and I can’t wait to get back into the routine.” – Tessa, Junior Editor

Gel Manicures

“Let’s just say I have had a LOT of time to practice the art of home manicures this past year… and I’m honestly pretty proud of the skills I’ve learned! With that said, I have still seriously missed the convenience of a professional gel mani. I’ll never take for granted the luxury of being able to leave a salon with perfect nails and zero drying time before going on with my day.” – Tessa, Junior Editor

A Simple Pedicure

“If there’s any beauty treatment I miss the most these days, it’s definitely a pedicure. Pre-quarantine, I didn’t go to the salon often {I do a lot of at-home treatments}, so anytime I did go, it was always to show my feet {and myself} some love from time to time. Looking back, I definitely miss those moments of self-care, and am grateful for the salons and professionals that helped me get a little time to myself.” – Kyrena, Editorial Assistant

What salons treatments have you missed the most?

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