The Proper Way to Store Your Beauty Products

The Proper Way to Store Your Beauty Products

Photo by Amanda Wilens

Perfumes, makeup, skin products—we’ve got lots of different beauty products in our arsenal and we use them on a daily basis. Have you ever thought about how those beauty products need to be stored? Honestly, we’d never given it too much thought {some of us might say we have a cluttered bathroom drawer we toss them into}. However, there actually is a proper way to store them, and it’s actually pretty simple. It may seem like a trivial matter, but the benefit of storing them correctly means your beauty products stay fresher for longer—and that means you get more use out of them. It’s a win-win in our books, so if you need a few tips, keep reading to see how to store your beauty products the right way…

1. Keep Them Away From The Sun

This may be a no-brainer, but think about your favorite perfume {hello LOVED!}, body lotion, or lip balm you have casually sitting on your bedside next to a window. That sun exposure might be reducing the life and potency of your product, especially when it comes to perfume! While we love a cute setup, you may want to reconsider placing any of your perfume or cosmetics in direct sunlight. Leaving them in your bathroom drawer or an area that doesn’t get a ton of light may be your best bet.

2. Store In A Cool Place

While we love the summer heat, it can take a toll on your products. Try storing them in a cool place that doesn’t fluctuate in temperature much. Particularly for perfume, it’s important to store your bottle away from moisture and humidity. We know it might be difficult to manage depending on where you live, so it might be beneficial to invest in a beauty fridge. Leaving your products at a cooler temperate can help maintain the integrity of your products, and a beauty fridge may just be your answer. If you don’t feel the need to purchase one, however, storing products in your regular ol’ fridge works just as well too. 

3. Keep your lids closed and clean!

How many times have you used a product enough that you forget to close it? Or maybe you use it so much it leaves buildup at the mouth of the bottle, and makes it more difficult to close? We’ve done both of things before, so we get it, but ultimately, one of the best ways to store your product is with their lids and caps closed. Simple, we know, but this will help maintain the life span of your product because you’re reducing its contact with air and open elements.

What other tips do you have for storing beauty products?

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Photos: Amanda Wilens
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