New Year’s Beauty Resolutions

New Year’s Beauty Resolutions

A new year always puts our previous habits into perspective. From major beauty investments, pulling off new makeup trends, or our favorite skincare products, we’ve definitely had our fair share of beauty experiments in 2019.  However, now that 2020 has arrived, our beauty forecast did too. A new year means a refreshed routine focusing on clear skin, the best brows (always), and lots and lots of self care.

Since our beauty routines are such a major staple in our lives, we wanted to share our 2020 beauty resolutions with you too. That way, you can follow along with us on our path to bolder looks, greener products, and great skin to jumpstart your new year. Scroll through to see our beauty resolutions that’ll have us conquering 2020…

1. Better Brows

Strive for greatness and perfect your brow game in 2020. Your brows, as you know, frame the windows to your soul, so we want you to be as religious as possible about having a foolproof regimen. Whether that means investing in microblading, getting them professionally shaped, or taking time to fill them in, put your brows first in your makeup routine. Your eyes {and the rest of your face, for that matter}, will thank you later.

2. Try a New Lip Color

It’s SO easy to get comfortable using the same color and wearing the same makeup look every day. We get it. Being comfortable in your routine is important. However, trying something new is the perfect refresh to your tried-and-true products. Even if that means wearing a new nude lip from a different brand or a bold and fierce berry hue, incorporating a new color into the mix always add a little adventure.

3. Focus on Your Skin

Your skin is the canvas and base for your makeup, so implementing products that will do your skin some good is your highest priority. Whether it’s anti-aging, acne fighting, or another skincare concern, find products that are going to treat your skin with the utmost care.

4. Stick to a Self-Care Routine

You’ve heard it before and you’ll hear it again: self-care is and will be an important staple in not only your beauty routine, but also the rest of your life. We have stressors all around us and they affect our hair, skins, nails, and overall health. Sticking to a self-care routine can create a more harmonious and focused part of your life that can help balance out all of the hectic points in your day.

5. Green-Out Your Beauty Bag

If some of your products have ingredients that you can’t even pronounce, it’s probably not the best product to be using on your body. There are a lot of amazing eco-friendly, green, and sustainable beauty products on the market, so take some time and do your research to find the ones that are a lot more beneficial to you {and the earth}.

What beauty resolutions are you going to try this year?

Let us know in the comments below—we love to hear them!

XO Team LC

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