Walking into the beauty department of any store can be overwhelming. It’s fun to discover new products, but aimlessly wandering the makeup aisle isn’t the best way to do so. Instead, we turn to each other for recommendations when we’re looking for that perfect product to add to our arsenal. From skincare to eye makeup and beyond, we’re always up for divulging our best beauty secrets here on the blog. So with that in mind, today we’re rounding up the lip products our editors never leave home without. From Lauren’s own favorite nourishing lip balm to our most treasured tubes of lipstick, shop our top 10 lip product picks below…

Bite Beauty matte creme lip crayon

1. Bite Beauty Matte Crème Lip Crayon in Rose Hip (vibrant red), $24
When it comes to lip color, I love the high-pigment, long-wearing lip crayons from Bite Beauty. They have a matte finish, but still feel moisturizing, unlike a lot of other matte lipsticks that can dry out your pout. I own a few different colors, but especially love the Rose Hip shade for a classic red lip. – Lauren, editor-in-chief

Laura Mercier infusion de rose lip balm

2. Laura Mercier Infusion de Rose Nourishing Lip Balm, $24
This is my favorite lip balm. It really locks in moisture and conditions your lips thanks to rosehip seed oil, kukui oil, and macadamia seed oil. I always keep a tube in my purse, but also like to apply it before I go to bed to restore the softness of my lips overnight. – Lauren, editor-in-chief

glossier balm dot com

3. Glossier Balm Dotcom in Rose, $12
I consider myself quite the lip balm connoisseur, having purchased dozens upon dozens of products over the years. I have a handful of favorites, but ever since I discovered Glossier’s Balm Dotcom in Rose, I’ve found myself reaching for little tube over all the others in my makeup bag. It’s extremely hydrating, has a hint of pink tint, and smells like my favorite flower. What’s not to love? – Ilana, managing editor

Supergoop! acaifusion lip balm

4. Supergoop! AcaiFusion Lip Balm SPF 30, $9.50
I’m the kind of girl that keeps lip balm in almost every purse and room in my house. I first picked up this Supergoop! lip balm on a trip to the mountains because we all know how harsh the sun’s rays can get at higher altitudes. It’s perfect for keeping your lips moisturized, but what really sold me was the SPF 30. I layer it under all of my lipsticks and glosses, but also use it as a standalone product 24/7. Protecting your lips from harmful UV rays is just as important as protecting your skin and hair. – Jessi, senior editor

Glossier lip gloss

5. Glossier Lip Gloss, $14
The lip gloss craze is real right now, and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t immediately jump on board. I love how smooth and luxurious Glossier’s lip gloss feels, and I can either pair it with a favorite lip color or wear it alone and still get amazing results. If you’re going to have one lip gloss in your makeup arsenal, let it be this one. – Jessi, senior editor

fresh sugar lip polish

6. Fresh Sugar Lip Polish, $24
Let’s be honest. No matter what gloss, lipstick, or stain you apply to your lips, it just doesn’t look its best when put over rough lips. I am a firm believer that keeping your lips moisturized and baby smooth at all times should be step #1 in any beauty routine, and this lip scrub works like a charm. It leaves your lips super conditioned and smooth as can be! – Tessa, editorial assistant

NARS lip gloss in quito

7. NARS Lip Gloss in Quito, $22
This gorgeous sheer berry shade has been a longtime favorite amongst me and my group of college girlfriends. We all have different coloring and complexions, and for some magical reason, this shade looks equally flattering on all of us. I love how it goes on sheer because you can build on it, and it looks great alone or over a lipstick. It can be hard to find the color, but thankfully I keep finding it on NordstromAmazon and Jet. – Allison, managing editor

Sisley Paris confort extreme nutritive lip balm

8. Sisley Paris Confort Extreme Nutritive Lip Balm, $74
This lip balm may cost a pretty penny, but before you balk at the price tag, first hear me out: I was struggling with chapped, cracking lips a few months ago and had exhausted all products in my arsenal. I was at a breaking point because my lips hurt when I would try to smile or laugh, so I was willing to try anything. In my desperation, I came across a friend’s blog that claimed this lip treatment was a guaranteed cure-all for chapped, cracking lips. I went out on a limb and made the purchase. My cracked lips were hydrated again in just a few days of using this balm. If you can relate to my story and have ever experienced the discomfort of extremely chapped lips, you can rest assured that this product is a worthy investment for your pout. – Allison, managing editor

Revlon color burst matte balm

9. Revlon ColorBurst Matte Balm, $7
I had always been a little hesitant to experiment with bolder lip colors, but I’ve been slowly stepping out of my comfort zone thanks to lip crayons. They give the perfect pop of color without having to commit to a lipstick, plus they keep your lips hydrated, so no need for a coat of Chapstick. My favorite shades from Revlon’s ColorBurst collection are their reds, but all of them are sheer enough to be layered, so you can go as bold as you want! – Kiera, editorial intern

Bioderma atoderm moisturizing lip stick

10. Bioderma Atoderm Moisturizing Lip Stick, $5
One of my friends who is beauty/skincare obsessed introduced me to this lip balm, and I haven’t looked back. I order it in bulk and keep one in every bag I have. It keeps my dry lips moisturized, and I also wear it underneath any gloss or lip color I put on. It’s the best! – Rachel, managing editor

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