The Best Beauty Treatments to Invest In

The Best Beauty Treatments to Invest In

Let’s face it: we’d all like to sleep in a little longer, spend a little less time in the shower, and look perfectly sun kissed and glowing… with minimal effort. Sounds like a dream, right? Luckily, with the number of services in the beauty industry today, there’s a way to make pretty much every aspect of your beauty routine more seamless, from lash extensions (bye, mascara!) to at home or in office teeth whitening (so you can sip on your lattes guilt-free). The only downside is that sometimes these procedures come with a hefty price tag, which can make deciding on the best option (or any option at all) seem pretty overwhelming. To give you a helping hand, our editors are sharing their best beauty investments, from airbrush tanning to microblading, and why they made their lives simpler and their mornings smoother. Keep scrolling if you’ve ever thought about taking the plunge on one of these treatments…

Airbrush Tanning

This past summer, I bought a spray tan membership for the first time ever, and it was 100% worth it. I’ve tried countless self-tanning products at home in the past, but always found that I had a hard time getting an even tan (let’s be honest, it’s hard to apply self-tanner to your own back). I absolutely loved being able to just pop into a salon, take 10 minutes to get an even, professional tan—applied by a trained technician, not just a machine!—and then go home and shower off just a couple of hours later. I personally feel more comfortable and confident during the summer when I have some color to my complexion, and getting a spray tan ensures that I’m avoiding baking in harmful UV rays. For me, airbrush tanning lasts about 10 days to two weeks. This varies from person to person as well as how often you’re showering or swimming. –Tessa, Associate Editor


After struggling for years with extremely thin eyebrows that would just not grow (due in part to majorly overplucking in high school), I heard about microblading and my world was changed! I went to Audrey Glass for my first microblading treatment about 3 years ago, and now I tell anyone and everyone who will listen about the magic of microblading! Microblading is essentially semi-permanent tattoos in the shape of hair strokes, and the final result looks exactly like the full, fluffy brows I’ve always wanted. The actual process can be a little bit painful because a small blade is literally cutting tiny strokes on your face (however, some people don’t think it’s painful—I have an extremely low threshold for pain), but numbing cream is used to make it more manageable. The pain is worth the final outcome, which is natural looking brows that last for about a year. Some people need touch ups once or twice a year, but it can last up to two years depending on your skin. –Rachel, Managing Editor

Laser Hair Removal

I have rather sensitive skin that is prone to irritation from shaving. I hate shaving but also love the feeling of silky smooth, clean-shaven skin. For years I heard about laser hair removal, but always assumed it was too expensive or painful to be worth it. But after talking to a friend who had gotten laser hair removal herself, I realized it was much easier and more affordable that I had previously thought. Last year I did 7 treatments on my bikini area and underarms and saw about an 80% reduction in hair growth, which has been life changing. It doesn’t work for everyone, but as someone with a fair complexion with coarse, darker hair, I was an ideal candidate. I can now go weeks without shaving those areas. I plan on doing my lower legs in the coming months too! Some people yield permanent results, however you might need to go back every few months for a touch up, it really just depends on the pigment of your hair and skin. –Ilana, Managing Editor

Lash Extensions

As a working mom of two young kids, there are many mornings where I truly don’t have 10 minutes to spare to put on makeup. I’ve learned to embrace a fresh face much of the time, but the truth is that I miss having long, luscious lashes on the days that I skip out on mascara. I recently got lash extensions for a few weeks over summer, and I loved the feeling of waking up each morning with gorgeous lashes, zero mascara required. After a couple of refills I decided to forgo the extensions for now—the high price tag, and interference with my beloved silk sleep mask made me decide it wasn’t the best solution long-term. But I totally plan on getting lash extensions again sometime in the future, when I have a special event or just need another temporary boost of self-confidence. Lash extensions last about five to eight weeks. –Ilana, Managing Editor 

Regular Trims & Deep Conditioning

This might be a beauty no-brainer, but I always invest in regular visits to my hair dresser even if it’s just for a trim. I consider myself to have pretty low maintenance hair when it comes to style and color, but I love a good styling tool. We all know by now that heat certainly takes a toll on your strands, so I’m a huge fan of deep conditioning treatments to keep it soft and healthy all year long. –Jessi, Senior Editor

What beauty treatments have you invested in? Are there any you’re considering?

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