What’s on Our Editor’s Wish Lists

What’s on Our Editor’s Wish Lists

Happy Holidays, everyone! We can’t believe that Christmas is only a week-and-a-half away. We’re enjoying every bit of the holiday season, so you’ll likely catch us watching our favorite rom-coms, baking cookies, or reading our winter book picks. Since we’ve released our annual gift guides this year, from sustainable picks to a few last-minute items, we thought we’d share some of the items our team has on our own personal wish lists. Wine subscriptions, gorgeous glassware, a top-notch hard shell suitcase—here’s what we’re hoping for this holiday season…

What’s on Our Editor’s Wish Lists

1. The Little Market Hand Etched Glassware, from $18

“I’ve been wanting to replace my collection of mix and match cups and glasses with a proper set, and these hand-etched beauties from The Little Market are on my wish list. I love that these all of these pieces are handmade out of recycled glass by artisans in Mexico, many of whom are living with physical disabilities and have previously faced discrimination in search of employment. Through their work, they can earn a sustainable income and have access to a creative outlet in a supportive environment. Plus, they’re just beautiful. I especially love the champagne glasses, and look forward to the day when I can pop a bottle of bubbly and pour it into these glasses.” – Rachel R.

“As someone who is living with limited cabinet space, I dream of swapping my current standalone food processor for the attachment for my existing Vitamix blender. It’s also perfect for all the pesto I’ve been making lately!” – Ilana S.

3. Trade Street Jam Co. Plum + Rose Jam, $14

“I’ve had my eye on the Trade Street jams for a while because they have so many unique flavors that I’m itching to try. I’m particularly interested in the Plum + Rose flavor, but all of their jams sound delicious {like the Blackberry Mulled Merlot or Spicy Vanilla Kiwi flavors}. They don’t use any thickeners, stabilizers, or preservatives in their products either.” – Kyrena D.

4. Communion By Joy Smith Miraculous Prayer Ring, $1,200

“I’ve been eyeing Joy Smith’s jewelry collection for quite some time now and this ring is at the top of my wish list. Jewelry is one of my favorite ways to carry thoughts, memories, and people I love with me, and the meaning behind each of Joy’s designs is so special. Whether someone else graciously gifts this to me or I treat myself later… this beauty will be in my jewelry box someday! I’m manifesting it now.” – Tessa S.

“I saw this pretty pink coffee table book, and it immediately went on my wish list. Palm Beach has a very special place in my heart… When I was growing up I would go visit my grandparents there every year, and have amazing memories from those trips. I also collect coffee table books, and this one will look perfect in my apartment.” – Rachel R.

6. Away The Large Suitcase, $325

“I am hoping 2022 will be the year we can resume travel somewhat normally, and that it is also the year I finally get the Away hard shell suitcase I’ve had my eye on.” – Ilana S.

“I am a sucker for aromatherapy and any beauty product that makes me look like a glazed donut before bed, so this body oil really speaks to me. I’ve seen people raving about it on Instagram and I’m dying to try it!” – Tessa S.

8. Container Store Accordion Cargo Organizer, $40

“I’m aware that this is not the most glamorous holiday gift on my wish list, but since one of my new year’s resolutions will be to keep my car clean, this Cargo Organizer sure will come in handy!” – Ilana S.

9. Primal Wine Prepaid Three Months Wine Club, $285

“I’ve recently gotten into trying more natural, organic, and biodynamic wines. I must say, they are absolutely delicious and have such an interesting taste, scent, and viscosity compared to large-scale or industrial wines I’ve tasted. I’m very curious to try more, so a Primal Wine subscription would be lovely.” – Kyrena D.

What’s on your wish list this season?

Let us know what you’re hoping in the comments below, and happy holidays!

Xo Team LC

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