The Sustainable Gift Guide

The Sustainable Gift Guide

Here it is: round two of our holiday gift guides with the conscious consumer in mind. Last week, we shared our Shop Small Gift Guide. Today, we’re sharing our Sustainable Gift Guide, which features items for all the important people in your life that are reusable, eco-friendly, and promote sustainability. This gift guide is especially great for your friends and family who are interested in incorporating more eco-conscious products and practices into their lifestyle. Ready for our second gift guide? Keep reading for our picks…

The Sustainable Gift Guide

For Her

1. Lettuce Grow The Farmstand, from $348

Self-watering, self-fertilizing—what can’t this Farmstand do? It makes it so easy to grow your own organic produce at home.

This double-sided, extra cute wrapping paper is 100% recyclable and compostable, so rest assured, it won’t be wasted.

This beautiful book by Robin Wall Kimmerer, an Indigenous botanist, is a wonderful read that focuses on ecological consciousness and our relationship with the living world.

This tea pot and infuser will encourage them drink more loose leaf tea, as you can steep the tea right into the pot!

5. Brooklyn Tea Gift Box, $35

Need tea to go with their pot? Try this gift box, which comes with an assortment of Brooklyn Tea favorites.

These sustainably and ethically-made sneakers are cute and will become an everyday closet staple.

7. Girlfriend Collective Serenity Midi Recycled Puffer, $258

This puffer is so cozy, and also happens to have been made with certified recycled water bottles.

8. Grow Arber Holistic Kit, $99

For the master gardener, Grow Arber’s concentrates are designed to help nourish and strengthen your indoor and outdoor plants. Their Holistic Kit comes with four formulas, designed to help your plants thrive.

9. The Little Market Classic Market Basket, $88

Instead of using those pesky plastic bags, help them switch to a more reusable {and pretty} option, like this Classic Market Basket.

The Sustainable Gift Guide

For Him

1. Subpod Mini, $139

Want to take your composting up a notch, but live in a smaller space? This ultimate compost system can compost up to 22lbs of food waste a week.

2. Rothy’s The Driving Loafer, $185

The knit material in these sleek Driving Loafers is spun from plastic water bottles. Cool, right?

3. ECO Paradise Goods Portable Cutlery Set, from $14

Reduce their plastic utensil use with this portable cutlery set that also comes in a variety of cute colors.

4. Simplehuman Compost Caddy, $50

Make composting at home a little easier with this compost caddy, which is especially great for extra small spaces.

5. The Sill Snake Plant Laurentii, from $23

Because who doesn’t love a new house plant? Especially a new snake plant, at that.

6. Stasher Mixed Lunch Pack, $56

Goodbye single-use plastic bags, hello Stasher! These reusable bags are dishwasher safe, microwave ready, and freezer friendly.

7. Material The reBoard, $30

These BPA-free cutting boards are made of kitchen plastic scraps and renewable sugarcane {aaaand they have so many pretty colors}.

8. JETSON Axle 12” Electric Bike, $430

Forgo fossil fuels and get from point A to point B easily with this electric bike, which uses a lithium ion battery that provides a range of up to 30 miles.

The Sustainable Gift Guide

For Kids

This magnetic block set is made from sustainably-sourced hardwoods, and is safe and non-toxic.

2. The Little Market Naturally Dyed Journal {Set of 2}, $26

The paper from these journals are made with discarded cotton fabric from the garment industry. Their dyed with blush colors derived from sappan wood.

3. Back To The Roots Organic Sunflower Windowsill Grow Kit, $25

These quick-growing sunflowers are a great way to help them learn more about the magic of growing plants.

4. Back To The Roots Water Garden Duo, $99

Choose between a hydroponics or aquaponics set up with this Water Garden Duo, which can allow your little ones the opportunity to grow microgreens and even add fish to your water gardens too.

5. Tree by Kerri Lee Whale Mason Jar Night Light, $40

Can you believe this nightlight is solar powered? Amazing, right? We bet the kiddos will love this one too.

6. Potting Creations Bird Habitat Scatter Garden, $25

Treat your little ones to this Bird Habitat Garden, which comes with sweet nectar producing wildflowers that naturally attract hummingbird.

7. 7AM Mini Backpack, $40

PETA-certified and 100% vegan, mini backpack {along with all of their other products} are cute, functional, and perfect for their school essentials.

8. Lalo The Play Kit, $250

Not only cute, the chair and table legs are made of FSC Certified sustainable beech wood.

Which products are you eyeing for Christmas?

Tell us in the comments below, and happy shopping!

XO Team LC

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