Our Editors on Their Self-Care Routines

Our Editors on Their Self-Care Routines

If you know us, then you definitely know that we love a good self-care routine. Staying at home changed the way we work and live, and our current routines have reflected that. Today, the team is dishing how they do self-care at the moment, and spoiler alert: it includes a lot of skincare.  Keep reading for a little slice into our self-care haven…

Tessa, Junior Editor

I’ve always valued a good self-care routine—although the way that routine “looks” changes from time to time. Most recently, I have been setting aside quiet time every day as my form of self-care, whether that is taking our dog for a walk and listening to my surroundings (no headphones!), writing some midday thoughts/things I’m grateful for in my journal, or taking 15 minutes to stretch without distractions. When nighttime rolls around, I like to prep my skin for bedtime with a cleanserplant-based face oil or retinol, and everyday moisturizer, then lie flat on my back in bed with a bolster pillow under my knees, while listening to my favorite Get Sleepy podcast or a meditation. I also love doing an at-home gel mani with my favorite kit (which is under $40) every few weeks; it feels like such a treat to me!

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Jessi, Senior Editor

Over the past year I have really solidified my self-care routine {because let’s face it, 2020’s self-care needed to be doubled up!}. Before I start work every morning, I spend at least an hour working out. Non-morning people I am right there with you, but with enough consistency, it became easier over time! Moving my body is a form of meditation and I feel the benefits both mentally and physically. Another big part of self-care for me is taking a hot shower and following it up with my skincare routine. In the morning this consists of washing my face with a gentle cleanservitamin C oilhyaluronic acideye cream, and SPF 50. At night I wash my face with a gentle cleanser followed by retinol, hyaluronic acid, eye cream, and moisturizer.

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Ilana, Managing Editor

Skincare has been a major source of self-care for me this past year. I recently splurged on some masks from Tata Harper—their products leave me with an instant glow and the fresh floral scents are a sensory experience. My Theragun Mini was another pandemic investment that I am so glad I made!

Now, as the world opens back up, my self-care routine involves honoring and respecting my introverted tendencies. I am social and also love spending time with friends, so it’s easy to get caught up in a schedule jam packed with activities. But I now recognize that lots of social activity can also feel draining for me, and I only truly recharge with time at home—reading, cooking, or even straightening up around the house.

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Kyrena, Editorial Assistant

Originally, my self-care practices usually revolved around reading my favorite books and maintaining my skincare routine, which usually consists of a gel cleanser, micellar water double cleanser, Vitamin C serum during the day, a hyperpigmentation or retinol serum at night, moisturizer, and lots of sunscreen.

However, I’ve started to realize how much my physical health and time spent outdoors plays into my self-care routine too. I’ll be honest, I’m not great at sticking to a particular hobby {from painting to writing or playing an instrument, my mind constantly wanders}, so exercising and breaking a sweat is the one thing that keeps me centered. Whether it’s a long run, strength workout, or quick HIIT class on the NTC app, I’ll do my best to try and get my body moving, even if it’s only for 20 minutes.

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What does your current skincare routine look like?

We’d love to know how you pamper yourself too.

XO Team LC

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