Hocus Pocus: Three Best Friend Halloween Costumes You Already Have in Your Closet

Hocus Pocus: Three Best Friend Halloween Costumes You Already Have in Your Closet

There are few posts we love more than our annual Halloween costume posts here on LaurenConrad.com (did you catch Lauren’s costume reveal last week?). And while there are certain years where we have plenty of time to plan our crafty costumes out a month in advance, other years are more of a scramble-to-find-anything kind of costume process. If this Halloween is the latter for you, then we have just the trick. All you’ll need is your bestie and a few items from your very own closet. Yep, you read that right: You really don’t need to spend a dime to recreate these easy best friend costumes. Here’s how to put them together…

Scarecrow and Farmer

scarecrow and farmer costume
scarecrow and farmer costume

With a pair of overalls, some burlap or twine, a straw hat, and your favorite pair of booties, you can put together this complementary costume in just a pinch!

For the Farmer:

DIY scarecrow costume
DIY scarecrow costume
scarecrow costume details

You Will Need:

  • overalls
  • plaid top or flannel
  • booties
  • neckerchief
  • brown eyebrow or eyeliner appointment for freckles
  • twine to tie off braided pigtails

Costume Tip: For that extra touch, use your eyeliner or eyebrow pencil to draw freckles on your cheeks and nose. Then, tie off your braided pigtails with a piece of rustic twine.

For the Scarecrow:

farmer costume DIY
farmer costume details

You Will Need:

  • plaid, flannel or chambray top
  • blue jeans
  • booties
  • straw hat
  • black eyeliner pencil for scarecrow makeup
  • burlap material or straw for jeans pockets

Costume Tip: To create the scarecrow straw effect, we used burlap ribbon and cut the edges so that they created a fringe. We added them to the top hem of Rachel’s jeans, her sleeves, and the bottom hems of her jeans. You can create the same look by using actual straw, too. Don’t forget to draw a scarecrow mouth (and a nose, if you’d like!) with a black eyeliner pencil.

Karl Lagerfeld and Anna Wintour

Karl and Anna costumes via LaurenConrad.com
Karl and Anna costume via LaurenConrad.com

Arguably the two most famous figures in modern day fashion, this pop culture duo is sure to be a crowd pleaser. With a little white hairspray here and a tweed blazer there, you’ll be looking like you walked right out of the offices of Vogue. Bonus points if you have a white kitten stuffed animal on hand to use as Choupette! 

For Anna:

Anna Wintour costume DIY
Anna Wintour DIY costume on LaurenConrad.com

This costume is incredibly simple and a guaranteed crowd pleaser, if you can pull it off! Grab your sunnies, pearls, and your favorite black handbag… And your Anna Wintour poker face, of course.

You Will Need:

  • large sunnies
  • tweed jacket
  • designer handbag
  • black shift dress
  • pearl necklace
  • black pumps
  • wig (optional)

Costume Tip: If you don’t have a bob haircut or a wig on hand, you can try to “fake it” by tying your hair into a bun and tucking the bun underneath and fanning the rest of your hair around your face.

For Karl:

Karl and Anna DIY Costumes
Karl and Anna DIY costumes

Your chicest items will do the trick when it comes to putting together this look. Think black satin, bolo ties, tuxedo shirts, leather leggings, and structured sunglasses.

You Will Need:

  • black blazer
  • white tuxedo shirt
  • black bolo tie
  • structured sunnies
  • white shampoo-out hairspray
  • leather leggings
  • black leather heeled booties
  • black leather cut-out finger gloves

Costume Tip: We used shampoo-out temporary white hairspray to get the white Karl Lagerfeld pouf look… Which is a great and easy option if you have it on hand! Going the wig route is great too if you are able to find a Karl-esque wig.

Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein

Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein costumes

A Halloween classic, Frankenstein and his bride are a great nod to old school spooky costumes. And, we bet you didn’t think you could put both ensembles together so easily! Make sure you have green makeup, white hairspray and some ear plugs (an unique DIY item but a great costume trick!) on hand.

For Frankenstein:

Frankenstein DIY costume
Frankenstein costume details

Boo! Lauren mastered the at-home Frankenstein makeup with a touch of green here and some black lipstick there. The clothing for this look is extremely simple—just wear black! 

You Will Need:

  • black blazer
  • black T-shirt
  • black leather leggings
  • black booties
  • black lipstick
  • black liquid eyeliner
  • green eyeshadow
  • gray eyeshadow
  • teasing comb
  • volumizing hair spray
  • 1 set of ear plugs
  • black sharpie

Costume Tip: To achieve this spooky makeup look, Lauren dusted green and gray eyeshadow across her cheekbones and on her forehead. She added a swipe of black liquid liner, and used that same liquid liner pen to draw stitches on her cheek and forehead. Get Frankenstein’s signature square hairdo by teasing your hair at the sides, poofing it up to create “corners”, then tying it off in the back with a bun. Last but not least, to create the Frankenstein bolt, just take a pair of ear plugs and draw on them with a black sharpie until they are fully black. Then stick with tape or adhesive to each side of your neck.

For Bride of Frankenstein:

Bride of Frankenstein costume
Bride of Frankenstein details

…Because what good is Frankenstein without his bride? Grab a lacy white maxi dress, black lipstick, and white shampoo-out hair spray to get this look. Simple as that!

You Will Need:

  • white lacy maxi dress
  • white shampoo-out hair spray
  • white ballet flats
  • black lipstick

Costume Tip: To get the iconic Bride of Frankenstein white wave, we separated a piece of hair in the front and sprayed it with white shampoo-out hairspray, holding a paper towel over the rest of the hair so we didn’t get it white too. Repeat on the other side then just clip it in to a sleek bun.

Which of these duo costumes will rock with your best friend this year?

Let us know if you have any other ideas in the comments below—we’re always looking for costumes to put together next year here on the site!

XO Team LC

Photos: Jessi Burrone Photography for LaurenConrad.com

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