Team LC's favorite baby names of 2017

We don’t know about you, but 2017 has definitely started off on a high note. With so much to already look forward to this year, we get to add two new additions to Team LC! Between Lauren’s exciting announcement and the fact that our Managing Editor Ilana is expecting her second little one, to say that we have babies on the brain would be an understatement! You’ll have to wait and see all of the fun baby content that this year is sure to bring with it. To ease us in, we’re starting today with our top 10 favorite baby names.

If you’re an expecting mama, we know how difficult it can be to choose the perfect baby name. Searching for a meaningful name that will suit your babe can sometimes be downright daunting. If you’ve just started a list or are looking to add a few more names into the mix, we’ve got a few more gems for you. Each one of the names below has a unique ring to it and we can only imagine the cuties that are sure to don them. Without further ado, here are Team LC’s favorite baby names for 2017…

1. Hazel
Number 5 on the top girl baby names list for 2017, Hazel is at the top of our lists too. We aren’t opposed to naming babies after strong female characters either (any other The Fault in Our Stars fans?)!

2. River
While this name may not be at the top of the baby names list for 2017 (we consider that a good thing!), we’re still smitten. River may be a unisex name but we think it would make an adorable little boy’s name!

3. Sailor
We blame it on living in Southern California but we love a name that reflects living near a body of water. We’re picturing a baby girl donning this adorable name.

4. Jasper
Rumor has it that Jasper means treasurer. There’s nothing we love more than a boy name with a strong meaning behind it!

5. Charlotte
Charlotte has always been a classic and romantic name to us. Plus how cute is the nickname Charlie for a girl?

6. Jackson
Speaking of strong boy names, Jackson came in at No. 1 on top boy baby names list for 2016, and rightly so! Last names as first names was very on-trend for this past year.

7. Sienna
Sienna for a little girl is a popular name here at Team LC. We love the feminine ring to it!

8. Carter
Carter is coming in hot at number 20 on the top baby names list, but we prefer it in our top 10! We’re thinking that a boy with this name is automatically a cutie.

9. Elle
Elle, which is a shortened version of Eleanor (means “moon”!) is one of our favorites. As if we needed another reason to love this name for a baby girl.

10. Rowan
Finally, Rowan made our top baby name list. While this name also serves as either a boy or a girl name, we love it for a little boy!

Which one of these names is your favorite?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

XO Team LC

Photo: Stephanie Todaro Photography
  • Renée Francoeur

    I’m partial to Sigrid & Sahara for girls! Otto or Sebastian for boys.

  • Oh I love these names, especially Charlotte and Rowan, so pretty!

    Rachael xx.

  • Orianne

    Charlotte is so cute 🙂

  • Cristy

    Charlotte or Elle….classic for girls but for a boy from the list, I guess, Carter. But Conrad for a boy would be super cute!

  • Leah

    I think “Lyla” would be a perfect choice for Lauren’s new baby should it be a girl 😉

  • Sarah Elizabeth

    My sister has always said if she has a girl some day that she’ll be named Charlotte. I know a few sweet Hazels born in recent years and I love the vintage feel to it.

  • Severina Ware

    Love Hazel and Sienna! Super happy that our June 2017 baby girl’s name isn’t on the list ?

  • Ariane Giraldeau

    I really love Elle! Hazel too, but i’m french Canadian so Hazel said in french sounds reslly weird haha! Sienna is beautiful too.

  • Charlotte was my second choice for our little girl, but we ultimately went with Olivia. Timeless. Classic. Elegant. Perfect.

  • Kat

    I would find it ironic if LC named her child Sailor like K & Jay named their daughter Saylor.

  • Leah Kauffman

    I like the name Charlotte

  • Out of all of these Hazel is my personal favorite <3 🙂 A very pretty name indeed!

    XO, Elizabeth

  • Carter Marie Vari

    Such a great list and I can’t believe my name is in the Top 20! I’ve only met a few boy Carters, still searching for another girl Carter.

  • ‘Becca’lise Deveaux

    Haha does anyone check these lists to make sure their kid’s name is NOT popular? Still safe!

  • Saffiah Bt

    Try Hazel Anne…beautiful and more girly and lovely name.
    And for boy name Jasper a good name too.congrats!

  • Pamela Teutschmann

    I’m not big on baby naming using popular or trending names. We named our girl Margot and I love it. It’s sweet and definitely not on any of the Top 10 lists 🙂

  • Marilyn Overholt

    Charlotte or Hazel

  • I almost chose Jasper, and Hazel, but I have to say I adore the name River off this list

  • Anna

    Out of all of these my fav are River and Sienna, but my personal fav are Thalia (the name of the Greek muse of comedy) for a girl and Luca (a simple but beautiful italian name) for a little boy. Congrats!
    Anna From Italy

  • Jayne Marshall

    My BF just had her first baby and they named him Reef. They live next to the water and her husband is a real water baby so I think the name was perfect for him. Congrats Lauren, I am sure your baby will have a beautiful name no matter what you pick.

  • I am loving all these baby posts! 🙂 Elle and Hazel have to be my favorites

    Cat //

  • Hannah

    We named our boy Jasper. We loved the name as we didn’t know anyone with that name and loved that it is not one of the common names. Also it works in several different languages which was important to us.

  • 大帖!你最喜欢的婴儿名字的博客真的很惊人。你在你的帖子中给出的名字是非常独特和受欢迎的。这将帮助我很多在命名婴儿。感谢您与我们分享您的博客。