My Personal Beach Day Packing List

My Personal Beach Day Packing List

I feel so fortunate to live near the beach, and this summer I’m soaking up every minute of sunshine, beach waves, and moments with my boys. On the weekends, I’m usually  at the beach right by my house trying {and failing} to build sandcastles and exploring the tidepool with my boys. I’ve lived by the beach all my life, so I’ve had a lot of practice at packing everything I need for an ideal day. If you’re prepping for your next beach outing, consider using my packing recommendations as a checklist for everything you need to enjoy your day. Keep reading for more…

My Beach Day Packing List

First things first, sunscreen. As much as I love spending time in the sun, I also know it can be very damaging to skin, so I make sure I have few options in my arsenal for the boys and myself. I’ll usually keep a face sunscreen, a body sunscreen, and a baby sunscreen that’s great for sensitive skin. Also, don’t forget to reapply after a few hours or after swimming. It’s easy to skip out on when you’re relaxed and having a great time, but I always try to reapply every 1-2 hours. When it’s especially hot it’s nice to throw a face mist in with your drinks to refresh and cool down your skin.

Bare Republic Clearscreen Sunscreen Lotion SPF 50
Supergoop! SPF Bestsellers Starter Kit

Supergoop! SPF Bestsellers Starter Kit, $25

Pipette Mineral Sunscreen SPF 50
OSEA Sea Minerals Mist

OSEA Sea Minerals Mist, $38

Now, I always have a pair of simple flip-flops, sunglasses, and a wide-brimmed hat to cover my face. Those are always necessary and always worn or included when I’m at the beach. For my kids, I love picking out a few adorable swim options they can wear from my kids’ line Little Co.

LC Lauren Conrad Pumice Flip-Flop Sandals

LC Lauren Conrad Pumice Flip-Flop Sandals, $19

LC Lauren Conrad Scallop Straw Floppy Hat

LC Lauren Conrad Scallop Straw Floppy Hat, $38

LC Lauren Conrad Lynx Square Sunglasses

LC Lauren Conrad Lynx Square Sunglasses, $30

Little Co. Bucket Hat

Little Co. Bucket Hat, $16

Little Co. Ruffled 1-Piece Swimsuit

Little Co. Ruffled 1-Piece Swimsuit, $34

Little Co. Dolphin Swim Short

Little Co. Dolphin Swim Short, $34

Little Co. Raglan Rashguard

Little Co. Raglan Rashguard, $18

Now, in an effort to stay cool, I bring an umbrella with me. It’s great for when my family and I get too hot, and has changed the game with all-day beach hangs. I’ll bring chairs, a speaker for music, as well as a cooler for snacks and multiple towel options. In an effort to reduce the amount of plastic, I’ve been using Stasher bags to hold extra snacks too. Lastly, I tow a large water bottle to stay hydrated.

YETI Hopper Flip Soft Cooler
Rio Original Steel Backpack
The Little Market Lightweight Fringe Towel

The Little Market Lightweight Fringe Towel, $60

Impact Canopy 8' Beach Umbrella
Stasher Silicone Bags

Stasher Silicone Bags, from $10

Hydroflask 40oz Wide Mouth Bottle

Hydroflask 40oz Wide Mouth Bottle, $50

You can’t go wrong with my packing list!

Is there anything I missed that absolutely must have at the beach? Let me know. Maybe I need add a few things too.

XO Lauren

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