How To Tell When Your Favorite Summer Fruits Are Ripe

How To Tell When Your Favorite Summer Fruits Are Ripe

Picture this: you’re about to cut up your watermelon for a tasty snack at the beach, and when you take a first taste, you find that it’s really…unripe. We’ve all been there, so we understand that feeling of picking up summer produce and crossing your fingers that it’s going to taste the best it could. But we’re tired of playing this guessing game, so today, we’re setting the record straight: how do you know when your summer fruit is ripe? Not to worry, we’ve got the answers. Keep reading to get the best tips for picking out the best watermelons, mangoes, figs and more …


Watermelon can be difficult to spot when ripe, so when you are looking for a good one, choose one that’s firm, heavy, has no cuts or bruises, and sounds hollow when you knock on it. Also look for a ‘ground spot,’ or the place where the watermelon was sitting as it grew. For a ripe watermelon, this spot will be a creamy color. If it’s too yellow, it means the melon is too ripe, and if it’s too white, the melon likely needs more time, according Food Network.


Technically, pineapples don’t ripen much after they are picked, however, you’ll know when they’re good to cut once the fruit has turned yellow {not orange} and are firm but have a little give to them. You’ll also know that they are ripe when the bottom of the pineapple gives off a deliciously sweet scent, per Bon Appetit.


Mangoes are easy to spot when ripe because they’ll have a little give and feel soft with a slight squeeze. This applies to many varieties of mangoes. Plus, they’ll give off a lovely scent to let you know they’re ready to be cut.


You’ll know when a fig is ready to eat when they’re soft, plump, and smell oh-so-good. Just remember to not wait too long after they’re ripe to eat them—they can overripen rather quickly.


For ripe, ready-to-eat blueberries, they should be plump with a sheer gray tinge on their surface. If your blueberries are hard, they’re not likely to be sweet.


Your cherries have reached their peak ripeness when they are full in color and size, and are both firm and plump.

Peaches & Nectarines

Peaches, nectarines, and many stone fruits are ripe when they feel plump, have a slight give, and have a yummy scent wafting to your nose. If you lightly squeeze it, it should give, but not bruise.

How do you usually identify when your favorite summer fruits are ripe?

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