Kid’s Gardening Activities

Kid’s Gardening Activities

Starting your own home garden is a great way to learn how to grow your own food or foliage, and while it does take time and effort, it’s certainly worth it to see your hard work grow into something beautiful {or delicious}. It’s also one of the best family friendly activities in my opinion, and there’s almost nothing I love doing more with my boys. So today I’ve got a few tips on gardening activities for your kids that are easy, fun, and make for a wonderful activity to keep little ones busy. Keep scrolling for a few recommendations…

1. Grow Sprouts & Microgreens

Sprouts and microgreens are great options to start off your kid’s gardening activities since they grow so quickly for little ones with limited patience. This might be an appealing option if you’d also like to work with plants that require minimal care too. If you’re not sure which plants to start sprouts with, radishes, wheatgrass, sunflowers, and salad leaves are all vegetables that sprout and grow very quickly.

2. Garden With Things You Have In Your House

Try gardening with items you have around your house, like growing microgreens on a plate or reusing old cartons to grow seedlings. It’s a great way to repurpose old items and reduce your waste.

3. Dry & Preserve Your Own Herbs

Drying herbs with your kids is such a fun activity that is a lot easier than it sounds. All you need are your favorite herbs {why not try basil and mint for summer?}, twine, paper lunch bags, and a little time. Get the instructions on how to dry them here.

4. Use Eggshell Seed Starters

Don’t throw them away! In addition to using old cartons to grow seedlings, did you know you can also use eggshells to grow them too? Not only is this a super low waste way to start growing sprouts, but also, it’s just too cute. All you need to do is partially crack an eggshell {preferably after your morning scrambled eggs}, clean it, and then plant your seedlings. In no time, you’ll see the cutest little sprouts pop up.

5. Make Way for Mushrooms

These mushroom growing kits were a hit with Liam and Charlie. It’s so fun to see how fast mushrooms sprout up right out of the box. Just mist twice a day, and in less than two weeks, voila! You’ll be ready to make one delicious mushroom flatbread or frittata.

Kid’s Gardening Activities

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What gardening activities do your kids love?

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