May: Ask Me Anything

May: Ask Me Anything

Last month, I had so much fun answering all of your burning questions about anything and everything, so today I’ve decided to do another Ask Me Anything for May with more of your questions from Instagram. This time around, I’m sharing my favorite wedding planning tips, my favorite style hacks and more. Let’s get to it…

1. What’s your best wedding planning tip?

Everyone always remembers if they were too hot or too cold! Make sure your guests are comfortable by anticipating their needs. With a lot of weddings likely taking place outside now, make sure that your guests can stay comfortable depending on the weather conditions. If it’s a hot, sunny day, for example, try having fans, umbrellas, and sunscreen available for your guests. The little details make a huge difference.

May: Ask Me Anything

2. Favorite lesson you’ve learned so far in your 30s?

Make time for yourself. It sounds simple, but it’s crucial. Every day I try to find a pocket of time to do something for myself, like tending to my garden. Whether it’s a new hobby, exercising, reading or writing in a journal, carving out space for yourself and the things you love is imperative to stay balanced. I’ve found these improved other aspects of my life too, like my relationships and my work.

May: Ask Me Anything

LC Lauren Conrad Ruffle High-Neck Blouse, $44
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3. What’s your favorite style hack?

Currently I am very into matching sets. Your outfit is already planned for you, so you have more time to get ready in the morning. LC Lauren Conrad has cute matching sets for spring and summer right now.

May: Ask Me Anything

4. Favorite sweet treat?

Hands down, apple pie. This recipe for my wedding apple pie is my favorite.

May: Ask Me Anything

Lauren Conrad Beauty The Liquid Eyeliner, $20

5. What beauty product can you simply not live without?

Definitely my liquid eyeliner from Lauren Conrad Beauty—a great liquid eyeliner is hard to come by. Though I’m not wearing a cat eye every single day, it’s a timeless beauty look that I’ve always gone back to for over a decade.

May: Ask Me Anything

Lauren Conrad Beauty The Face Cream, $35
Lauren Conrad Beauty The Eye Cream, $29

6. What is your morning routine?

My mornings usually consist of my skincare routine and coffee or green tea. I always make sure to cleanse and tone, then apply my eye cream from Lauren Conrad Beauty and sunscreen to prep my skin each morning. Then, of course, a cup of something caffeinated to start to my day.

7. Favorite workout clothing brand?

Honestly, I don’t have a favorite brand right now, but I’m due for some new pieces.  I’d love any suggestions.  I have started playing tennis again recently {I played when I was younger} and I just got a couple cute skirts and dresses from Outdoor Voices.

8. How would you streamline your closet to create a capsule wardrobe?

I would definitely focus on keeping neutral-toned pieces that can be mixed and matched with your absolute favorite, go-to items. I’d also stick with solid colors or easy prints like stripes or polka dots. Those never go out of style. It all starts with simple, quality pieces.

9. What are some favorite things you like to do with your kids?

I grew up by the beach, so spending time there or near the water is always something I’ll enjoy doing with them. Since I’ve gotten into gardening, however, harvesting what we grow has been my favorite way to spend time with my boys recently.

Have any other questions for me?

Let me know below.

XO Lauren

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