Our Easter Basket Gift Guide

Our Easter Basket Gift Guide

Easter is around the corner, and we figured you might be interested in celebrating with a few extra goodies for the kiddos. Naturally, we put together our Easter Gift Guide, equipped with all the Lauren Conrad Co.-approved cute little treats to perfect your children’s baskets. From bunnies to rattles and egg dyeing kits, we have a feeling your kids are going to love this one. Keep reading for all the Easter goodies…

Our Easter Basket Gift Guide


Add this mint bunny bark to their baskets for a sweet treat.

These tasty hand-poured lollipops couldn’t hurt either.

These flower pressed cookies are just too beautiful, right?


4. The Little Market Some Bunny Loves You Tote, at $14

Some bunny, indeed, loves you by gifting you this adorable little tote.

5. Shop Sweet Lulu Retro Basket Jelly Bag – Latte, at $15

Retro and cute, this Jelly Bag is the perfect way to stash all of their Easter treats.

6. The Little Market Canvas Bunny Tote, $14

This canvas-lined bag has the cutest little bunny print in the front. Perfect for Easter, if you ask us.


7. Thread Mama Happy Easter/Honey Bunny Flag, $9.50

Top their gift baskets with these adorable flags from Happy Mama.

8. The Little Market White Bunny, $26

A bunny is always a must for this special occasion.

9. The Little Market Carrot Rattle, $14

With a carrot rattle to boot.

10. Natural Earth Paint Natural Egg Dye Kit, $10

They’ll be so excited to see this Egg Dye Kit, which includes natural dyes made from fruit, herbs, and veggies.

Adding these pretty little Billy Buttons will certainly add a bit of flair to their baskets.

12. LC Lauren Conrad Sunny Bunny Coin Pouch, $29

Finish your basket off with a cute bunny coin pouch too.

How will you celebrate Easter?

Let us know in the comments below, and have a Happy Easter!

XO Team LC

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