Ask Lauren: How Do You Make New Mom Friends?

Ask Lauren: How Do You Make New Mom Friends?

Hi, everyone! Ask Me Anything August is coming to a close soon, so I wanted to make sure I answer a couple last questions this week. Today’s question came to us from a reader named Gigi Vera who commented on the blog asking for my advice on making new mom friends. Well, Gigi, here it goes…

I was lucky enough to have a few friends who were already mothers, so truth be told I haven’t made a ton of new mom friends myself. But I still have a suggestion or two that I can share. There are lots of ways to meet your future mommy bestie. Making new mom friends is a lot like dating, and the first step is figuring out what your dating style is. If you were a pro at online dating… I’ve heard great things about apps like Hello Mamas or Peanut, which is like Tinder for mom friends. You can also join a Facebook group of local moms or mothers with a shared parenting style or other similar interests. If you dated someone you met at a bar… hit up all the busiest playgrounds and baby classes with a few good icebreakers up your sleeve. Be a social butterfly. If you married your high school or college sweetheart… reconnect with old friends who also have kids. You’ll have lots to talk about and catch up on, and maybe mom friend sparks will fly. If you met your significant other through friends… ask mutual friends to set you up with other new mommies they know. Don’t be afraid to go on a mom friend “blind date.”

Making new friends as an adult is harder in general. And when you’re dealing with a seismic shift like new motherhood at the same time, you might not be on your A-game when it comes to being social. But keep in mind that every new mom is going through the same thing, so making small talk is especially easy when you’re making new mom friends. Your single girlfriends might look at you a little funny if you tell them the dreadful details of the day’s diaper blowout. But a fellow new mom (even one that you just met) will totally relate. You also don’t have to dress to impress. Showing up to a play date in sweats and no makeup is perfectly acceptable when you’re a new mom!

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