I’ve always heard that craving salty or sweet foods can actually be your body’s way of telling you it needs something. The other day, I had a serious sweet tooth and before I knew it I found myself researching what my craving really meant. What I discovered was that there is a pretty surprising list of cravings and their real meanings. It’s fascinating! It is also very helpful to see what your body really needs (hint: it’s not actually those French fries).

Find out about your body’s true cravings below…

If you’re craving sweets…
It means your body really needs chromium, carbon phosphorous, sulfur, and tryptophan. Get these by filling up on, fresh fruit, cheese and sweet potatoes when you have a sweet tooth. This craving may also mean you’re tired, according to Shape.com. Evaluate how much you’re sleeping lately if you find yourself wanting sweets. Instead of heading for the chocolate cake, take a nap if you can. Or, go for a walk to boost your energy levels.

If you’re craving carbs…
It means your body needs nitrogen, which is found in high-protein foods like fish, meat, nuts, and beans. Eat a turkey burger, a handful of almonds, or a black bean burrito bowl (black beans, corn, pico de gallo, guacamole and brown rice). You might also be craving carbs because you’re trying to cut them out of you diet completely. If this is the reason, make sure you’re eating every food group in moderation to prevent a big, unplanned carb-fest that will leave you feeling way worse than, say, an open-faced sandwich.

If you’re craving French fries, soda, and pizza…
And other junk food, it means your body needs calcium. Instead, fix a kale salad with steamed broccoli, chicken, breadcrumbs and Parmesan cheese (um, yum.). It might not sound quite as good as those French fries at first, but it will leave you feeling way better, not to mention guilt-free.

If you’re craving caffeine…
It means your body needs salt and iron. To get these nutrients the healthy way, eat lean meats like chicken or turkey, eggs, or black cherries, surprisingly. If you can, a great option here would be to make an omelet with turkey and veggies, with a handful of black cherries on the side. Craving caffeine can also mean you’re actually just really thirsty or dehydrated, according to Huffington Post. Drink an entire glass of water before you reach for that second (or third) cup of coffee—you might realize you don’t even need it.

If you’re craving salty foods…
It means your body needs chloride, which is essential in order for your body to maintain healthy digestion and keep your electrolyte levels in check, according to Nutritional Wellness. Avoid super salty junk food like potato chips and eat goat’s milk yogurt or fish instead. I would recommend making a tuna fish sandwich or salmon salad for lunch with goat’s yogurt as a snack the next time you have a salt craving.
I hope you all learn something new and interesting from these foodie facts. I sure did. I’m definitely going to keep some almonds on hand for those pesky carb cravings…

What foods do you crave the most?

Leave your list below! And if you’ve found any cures for unhealthy cravings, leave your tips below too.

XO Lauren

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  • 12 Summers

    I always crave salt and practically shun sugar. I especially love a whole ripe tomato with ground sea salt and ground pepper. This started for me as a kid on my dads farm in the 40’s and 50’s when I tended his garden. I guess it worked to the good, in my 70’s now, I’ve never been really sick or had to take high-blood pressure meds and just had a bone scan and my doc says my bones are like rocks, But I lift weights and work every day at something physical. Sugar to my way of thinking is like a drug and addictive. I eat it, but not daily. If there a donut on the table and an English Muffin, I’ll chose the muffin.

  • Crystal Fischer

    I’m craving pizza, bread…. all things with yeast. I think I really crave the yeast

  • Someone

    When i was pregnant to my daughter, i crave meat) and home made cherry compote)
    But now i want to eat onion vinegar on it? And pizza

  • Michele

    To bad there wasn’t any alternatives for vegatarians. I’m craving potatoe chips and trying to find what to eat instead. I don’t eat meat and fish obviously.

  • Angela C. Taylor

    craving something hot to drink most of the time

  • Joseph

    Thanks you got rid of my craving for pizza 🙂

  • ellen

    Hi I’m interested in what you are saying because I too have fibro and have had cancer twice(breast and secondary breast in my liver) im not a massive sugar eater but googled Cos over the last couple of weeks I have had sweets biscuits cakes etc normally I don’t bother. I am diabetic type 2 also so this is a worry Thx for any info yu can pass on xx and congrats on yur 10 years free of cancer.xx

  • Trynn

    A lot of brands of peanut butter do have a lot of added sugar….

    • Gael Brady

      I do pay attention to that. I get natural brands only. No added anything. I have worked hard to keep added sugars out of my foods.

  • amanda

    i have a condition called Bells Palsy, i got it four days ago, im not hungry at all but i have the craving for potatoes, now i usually dont eat potatoes, i may once a week but now its every day.. whyyyy

  • Cathy M

    I read that craving chocolate means you need Magnesium. I got a supplement and I haven’t craved chocolate since I started taking them.

  • Daylee

    Past few weeks all I want is those Chester hot fries and peanut butter.