The Proper Way to Apply Perfume

The Proper Way to Apply Perfume

One of the things we love about being in the beauty industry is that it seems there are always new fun facts to learn. For instance… Who knew you could apply perfume wrong? Apparently, there is indeed a proper way—and applying perfume improperly can adversely affect the scent or how long it lasts on your skin. Since our editor-in-chief recently launched her first fragrance, we’ve learned a bit more about all things perfume, specifically how you should be applying a fragrance. Contrary to popular belief, it isn’t as simple as a few spritzes that you rub over your wrists and neck. Today, we’re dishing on the proper way to apply perfume, so you can smell the true scent and enjoy it all day. Below, keep reading for our best tips…

The Proper Way to Apply Perfume

1. First things, first: don’t sniff the scent in the bottle. Most of the time, it won’t smell the way it will wear on your skin.

2. When applying your scent, apply it to your inner wrist and your other pulse points {inner elbows, back of your knees, ear lobes} which emit more body heat.

3. Do not—and we really mean it—rub the perfume onto other parts of your body. It actually ruins the top notes of the perfume, and you get a less accurate sense of the perfumes notes on your skin.

4. Finally, let the perfume dry down before smelling it. This way, you have a true representation of the fragrance as you go about your day.

Did you know these tips for applying perfume properly?

We were a little surprised about not rubbing it on other parts of your body!

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Photo: Yoni Goldberg for LOVED by Lauren Conrad

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