5 Wardrobe Items You’ll Want To Invest In

5 Wardrobe Items You’ll Want To Invest In

When it comes to shopping, we’re all for finding a good deal or dupe for a high-priced item, especially if that dupe is a great quality piece. However, we must admit, there are certain items you can’t skimp on. So, why invest in your wardrobe when there are so many low cost, fast fashion options that achieve the look you’re going for without breaking your bank? Why splurge? It’s a fair question, but the answer is that there’s a lot to be said for quality over quantity. When it comes to styles that are more classic than trendy, quality items will last a very long time, given you take care of them properly. Plus, when you purchase a high-quality item that you absolutely love, chances are you’ll likely wear it time and time again, and reduce your own clothing waste. Nothing beats a piece you feel good in—one that will last for years and years to come. Today, we’re sharing 5 classic wardrobe items you’ll want to invest in. We’ve chosen timeless, versatile pieces you’ll come back to time and time again, and will 100% become your wardrobe staples. Let’s get to it…

1. A Versatile Blazer

Wear it to work, wear it out, even wear it home {if you must}. A well-cut, perfectly tailored blazer made from a substantial material makes all of the difference. We’d opt for a classic black or plaid blazer to start out, because no matter the season, those colorways can work with any outfit.

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2. The Softest Cashmere Sweater

You will never be mad at a gorgeous cashmere sweater. This stuff is made to last. While this is a higher maintenance item {don’t put it in the washer!}, it’s worth a trip to the cleaners. We’d argue there are very few fabrics that treat your skin as good as a cashmere sweater does.

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3. Your Go-To Boots

A chic pair of boots is without question a worthy investment piece. Finding a versatile pair that goes with virtually any outfit is a must. Whether you love a bootie, a knee-high, or an over-the-knee boot, it’s a welcomed piece that always looks good with a sharply-cut blazer or oversized cashmere sweater {see what we did there?}.

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4. A Classic White Button Down

You need a white button down. We repeat: you need a white button down. Out of all the items we’ve mentioned on this list, a classic white button down is the wardrobe investment we think you’ll need the most. You can literally wear a white button down anywhere. Work, a casual dinner, a formal dinner, everyday errands. The list goes on and on. Find one that is tailored to your desires too. Crisp and light, oversized, or silky and satin, a button down can be the essential piece that brings your wardrobe together.

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5. A Great Fitting Pair of Jeans

Finding a great fitting pair of jeans can be so difficult. Ones that sit just perfectly and cut at the right length. Investing in a great pair can also prevent you from buying multiple that don’t fit quite right. It can also prevent that frustration from not finding a pair that really fits your body. This piece may require a little more research and try-ons than other, but if you find the right pair, you’re set.

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Is there an investment piece that’s been on your wish list?

Let us know which item you’ve been eyeing the comments below. We’re due for a new pair of boots.

XO Team LC

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