The Most Memorable Moments of 2021

The Most Memorable Moments of 2021

What a year…I hope you all had a relaxing holiday and are gearing up for 2022. 2021 is wrapping up, and what better way to look back on my past year than to celebrate my most memorable moments? While this year has been a little bit crazy, I’m grateful to celebrate the people and events in my life that made 2021 extra special. I hope you’ll also take the chance to review your year too, and celebrate all of the important moments, big and small.

The Most Memorable Moments of 2021

It makes me so happy to see you all loving the clothes from Little Co., so I was even more excited to announce my Little Co. Home collection too. Sheets sets, pillow, duvets, quilts – the versatile pieces from this line were designed to make your kids’ spaces extra cozy and cute.

2. Celebrating 8 Years With The Little Market

I’m honored to celebrate 8 years of The Little Market and proud to see how much this nonprofit has grown. In 2013, Hannah Skvarla {co-founder of The Little Market} and I were on a mission to find ways to empower women and artisans globally, so to see the impact of The Little Market over the years is truly amazing.

We didn’t have an in-person event this year for The Little Market in honor of International Women’s Day, so we decided to create a free virtual series, Conversations with Changemakers, which featured activists, experts, and thought-leaders from around the world engaging in thought-provoking conversations. Our series was one of the highlights of my year, and I am so proud of the work that went into creating this amazing event.

The Most Memorable Moments of 2021

4. Watching My Boys Grow Up

This will always be a memorable moment and a highlight of my life. Seeing my boys, Liam and Charlie, grow up and watching them learn about the world is one of the most satisfying and beautiful moments I could ever experience.

The Most Memorable Moments of 2021

I was so happy to bring back my home collection this year, with a curated selection of neutral items that work well in so many interiors and decor styles. From vases to candleholders and decorative bowls, these pieces feel timeless and really look good anywhere.

What are your memorable moments of 2021?

I hope you have a very happy new year, and I’ll see you in 2022.

XO Lauren

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