3 Things You Can Do to Take Great Care of Your Skin This Fall

3 Things You Can Do to Take Great Care of Your Skin This Fall

Every time the seasons change to cooler temperatures, inevitably, my skin will start to change too. I can feel the dehydration just thinking about drier weather. Instead of waiting for an annual milestone, like the New Year, to try and reset my routine for the better, my goal is to be proactive and get ahead of autumn skin woes by incorporating a few extra steps. I challenge you to follow along on this journey too and stick to a solid, dependable routine, so that you can have gorgeous and hydrated skin by the holiday season. Who’s ready for gorgeous skin? Keep reading for a few tips to take great care of your skin this fall…

1. Eat a Healthy Skin Diet

I know, this is a hard one. My husband and oldest son, Liam, have dairy issues and allergies, so a few years ago we decided to make our home a dairy-free household. As much as I used to love cheese and milk, I feel so much better when I’m not eating it. I felt less bloated and my skin is far less congested. My advice for you is to start slow—going cold turkey might not be the best option for this one. There are also so many delicious dairy alternatives that could easily replace your dairy products in the process. Eating antioxidant rich foods like berries and fatty fish full of Omegas are also great for your skin. And of course, drink lots of water!

2. Focus On Hydrating, Nourishing Skincare Products

Colder temperatures = drier skin. If this happens to your skin pretty much every time fall rolls around, why not get a head start and incorporate a few hydrating products into your routine? My best recommendation is to add in a product with hyaluronic acid. Whether it’s your face cream, a serum, or a toner, I bet it will certainly make a difference when the cool weather hits.

3. Pay Attention to Lifestyle Factors

You’ve probably heard many times, but having a restful night of sleep makes all the difference. If you have trouble sleeping soundly, try improving your sleep hygiene with a few of these tips. I’ve found that putting my phone away at least an hour before bed has really helped me sleep more soundly. Sleeping well has a slew of benefits, one of them being that my skin looks extra refreshed in the mornings. Additionally, you may want to make sure you are changing your sheets more often. If you’ve been experiencing breakouts, try putting on a fresh pillowcase as often as every three days. Make sure your phone is clean too if you put it up to your ear. And whatever you do, do not pick at your face!

How do you usually prep your skin for fall?

I’d love to read your tips in the comments.

XO Lauren

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