Ask Lauren: How to Know if the Job is Worth the Move

Ask Lauren: How to Know if the Job is Worth the Move

Those of you who have been following along this week may have heard that April is our career-focused month here on So sticking with that Work It theme, today I wanted to respond to a career-related question I received to my inbox. A reader named Andrea wrote in recently, asking my advice on whether a great job offer she’d received was worth moving across the country for. Relocating for a job is something that many people consider at some point during their careers, so I thought it was worth sharing my advice with everyone in an Ask Lauren post…

Making a big move is always intimidating no matter what the reason. It means stepping outside of your comfort zone and the life you’ve created for yourself. It means leaving all your favorite neighborhood spots from your dry cleaner to your workout studio to your coffee shop, and starting from scratch. And more importantly, it often means leaving behind friends and family, too. But when it comes to your career, taking big risks can also mean big rewards. Plus, experiencing a new city can also be exciting and eye opening.

In the end, no one can really make a big decision like that but you. But if you’re considering relocating for a job opportunity, I put together a list of several good questions you can ask yourself…

How to Know if the Job is Worth the Move

1. Is this truly a dream job?
2. If the job doesn’t end up being as amazing as you think it is, will there be other opportunities in this new city?
3. Will having this job on your resume be a huge boost for your career even if you don’t stay there forever?|
4. Are the opportunities in your current town pretty limited?
5. Does living in this city appeal to you on its own, outside of the job?
6. Are you mostly excited or mostly nervous about the possibility of moving? (It’s normal to be a little of both!)
7. How easy will it be for you to visit your old city if you get homesick or want to stay in touch with friends?
8. Is it relatively easy or hard for you to pick up and move at this stage in your life? How tied down are you? (Ie. Do you own or rent your current home?; Are you single or in a long-term relationship?)

You can use these questions as a starting point for deciding whether this opportunity is worth taking. If it helps, go over the answers with a close friend or family member whose opinion you trust. While the decision is yours to make, they might be able to tell which direction you’re leaning in, even when you can’t.

Have you ever made a big move for your career?

Share your own experience and advice in the comments!

XO Lauren

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