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Each year I like to dedicate an entire month to all of the girl bosses and hardworking ladies out there. With this month’s theme appropriately titled Work It April, my team and I are excited to unveil content that will help hone your professionalism and have you headed in the right direction of your dream career. Since everyone’s career path is unique, my team and I will be shedding light on universal topics such as how to weigh if the job is worth the move and an updated version of my office dress code. Since success doesn’t always happen overnight, I’ll be sharing some personal advice (as well as calling on other professionals!) to help you get to where you want to be. Cheers to the ladies that are tirelessly working to make their future even brighter!

Taking care of business isn’t all that we’ll be doing this month though. Easter on the horizon means that my team and I have been spending time at the craft table and in the kitchen. Easter desserts, decorated eggs, and living floral arrangements will be popping up here and there—and trust me when I say that this is the cutest holiday content yet. In addition to bunnies and tulips, we have a lot of beauty posts coming at you. Charcoal masks, the best natural beauty products for Earth Day, and a coconut oil hair mask are just a few things that you’ll want to stay tuned for!

What do you want to see covered on the blog this month?

Let me know your suggestions in the comments, and you may even see a post about it!

XO Lauren

Photos: Paper Crown, Brides