What To Wear To An Outdoor Wedding

What To Wear To An Outdoor Wedding

We love celebrating love, so with wedding season upon us, we’re looking forward to the return of the gathering after a couple of years when many weddings were postponed. There’s nothing more beautiful and ethereal than a gorgeous outdoor wedding celebrating family and friends, and we believe you should have the outfit to match. However, your outdoor wedding outfit might look a little different than your standard indoor ceremony attire. You have to consider conditions like weather, temperature, and even the surfaces you’ll be dancing on. Today, we’re dishing a few tips to make sure your outdoor wedding outfit is cute, comfortable, and of course, chic. Keep reading for more…

1. Go for semi-formal attire.

If you were stressing about how formal your attire should be, your best bet is to stick with a semi-formal outfit unless the invitation or wedding website specifies otherwise. Most outdoor weddings aren’t black-tie affairs, so no need to pull out your Cinderella ballgown {yet}.

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2. Go for lighter fabrics.

Now that’s it’s getting warmer outside, it’s always a good idea to choose lighter fabrics to stay cool and comfortable at the ceremony. Think linen or breezy cotton dresses that won’t soak up any sweat while you’re there. Sweating is only natural, but you can minimize any unsightly sweat stains by wearing something breathable.

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3. Choose wedges & block heels over stilettos.

It doesn’t matter how cute that pair of stilettos is; if your heels are making holes in the grass, you need to be wearing a block heel or wedge. To make sure that you stay comfortable on the dance floor, try wearing a low block so you your feet aren’t hurting by the end of the night. In a pinch, we also recommend stashing flip flops in your purse! We’re trying to dance the night away, right?

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4. Always brings an extra layer, just in case.

Though it may warm during the day, the temperature could drop down at night, so it’s always best to bring an extra layer if you run a little cold. Whether it’s a light jacket or a shawl, have an extra something on hand so you’re not shivering on the dance floor.

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What are you wearing to your spring weddings?

We hope these tips help! Let us know what you plan to wear below.

XO Team LC

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