My Melt-Proof Makeup Tips

My Melt-Proof Makeup Tips

In Southern California, the next few weeks are typically the hottest time of the year. Keeping my face makeup from melting off in the heat is one of my not-so-favorite downsides of summer. The hot, sweaty, and cloying feeling I often get when wearing a full face of makeup can be a recipe for disaster. This has been a season of trial-and-errors to find what works best for my makeup when it’s 90+ degrees outside with a mask on top, but I’ve {finally} been able to drum up a routine that keeps it from melting away. My melt-proof makeup tips are surprisingly simple, but exceptionally effective. I was able to put them to the test during a recent outdoor event for The Little Market, and I was quite pleased with the result. Keep reading for my current summer complexion routine…

My Melt-Proof Makeup Tips

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1. Apply A Primer

This might seem like a no-brainer, but there are plenty of people that don’t use a primer for their complexion products. A primer is great way to create a silky base to apply your makeup on, and also helps your products stay put all day long. Another great part about primers is that they can have a variety of skin benefits too such as redness reduction, smoothing effects, or oil control. This is probably the most important step in your melt-proof routine, because without a good base, your makeup won’t last.

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My Melt-Proof Makeup Tips

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2. Wear A Light Foundation With SPF

With hotter weather, I tend to reach for lighter products. I’m not a huge fan of that cakey, heavy feeling that tends to happen with a thicker foundation {is anyone?}, so I’ve been using a lightweight foundation with buildable coverage and SPF that is natural, breathable, and protective. I find that summer usually isn’t the time to wear heavy complexion products, and my skin likes to breathe a little more too. Whether you prefer liquid or powder foundations, I suggest using one that feels light and airy on the skin, and includes SPF in its formula.

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My Melt-Proof Makeup Tips

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3. Spritz With A Hydrating Mist Throughout The Day

Refreshing your skin throughout a hot, sweaty day helps from keeping your face feel muggy with sweat. My toner mist has rose water and licorice root extract, which is great to rebalance and hydrate the skin. Whatever mist you’re using, make sure that it has hydrating properties to help your skin produce less oil, which in turn helps to keep your makeup on.

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That’s all, folks. I hope my tips will help you in your quest for melt-proof makeup too.

How do you combat the summer heat in your makeup routine?

I’d love to hear any new tips too.

XO Lauren

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