What is a Microcurrent Facial?

What is a Microcurrent Facial?

You’ve probably heard about it or seen it before and are wondering, what exactly is a microcurrent facial? There are so many new and different skincare trends, facials, and products out there every week, it can be a little overwhelming to filter through and figure out what might be right for you. We have Julie Civiello Polier, Reiki Master and holistic and nurturing esthetician, of Shamanic Facials on the site today to answer all of your burning questions on this popular facial treatment. To learn more about these facials and if they’re right for you, keep scrolling…

What is a microcurrent facial?

Microcurrent is one form of electrotherapy using gentle and calming wave forms that mimic the body’s own healing system. Because a microcurrent’s electrical wave lengths are of such similar size and shape to the impulses sent out by the brain to the body, your muscles (which are the primary focus for the therapist to target the electricity on) are easily shaped, lifted, and re-educated to return to their original positioning. A microcurrent facial is also known as a non-invasive facelift. 

How does it work?

The electrical currents target your muscles, encouraging them to lift, contour, tone, strengthen, lean out, and release tension all at once. These same currents are also communicating to the lymph fluid and creating stimulation so that the toxins drain down to your lymph nodes for cleaning. Your blood is stimulated as well, creating circulation and healthy movement so that all the cells receive ample nourishment. Often, the nervous system is signaled to release and let go so that the parasympathetic nervous system is able to be accessed. When the nervous system is running in parasympathetic mode, this is the only time when our cells are able to heal and regenerate. 

Your practitioner, during a microcurrent facial, is guiding probes that have a negative and positive charge, and manipulating your facial tissue and muscles in specific patterns for optimal lifting, wrinkle smoothing, and releasing tension and held emotions. 

What are the benefits? 

A microcurrent facial brings optimal alignment to the muscles, lymph fluid, tissues, and skin cells…Essentially, everything! More benefits include:

  • Because microcurrents are anti-inflammatory, they promote acne healing.
  • Wrinkles and lines are smoothed and softened.
  • Skin is detoxed from lymph drainage.
  • Your muscles are exercised and have released their tension, so that fluids can properly flow to both deliver nutrients and carry away toxins in your body. This dual action plumps the skin and returns its radiance and glow.
  • Cellular turnover is increased.
  • Collagen and elastin production are increased.
  • Melasma is broken up and reduced.
  • Skincare ingredients penetrate deeper into the skin because the microcurrent pushes product into the deeper layers. 
  • It increases ATP, which is a naturally occurring chemical in the body that stores energy at the ready to repair cellular damage, which we lose as we age. 

How often should someone go?

Consistency is key with microcurrent treatments, since it is a form of exercise. We do not eat a salad once every 6 months if we’re trying to add more greens to our diet, nor do we exercise only here and there if we are trying to see results. The general suggestion is to begin 1-2 times a week for a series of 10 sessions and then regular sessions every 6-8 weeks.  This all depends on age and intention with your skin and wellness goals. Some folks come every week to revitalize their whole being, and I notice folks with a healthy and consistent lifestyle hold the treatments longer. 

Is it something that you can try at home?

Yes, there are two at-home devices on the market that both have accompanying apps to instruct you with video tutorials and programs: NuFace and ZIIP.

Who would benefit the most from this type of treatment?

Everyone. I have clients of all ages and ethnicities and skin issues. 

Who shouldn’t try this treatment?

This treatment is one of the most inclusive on the market, meaning it’s beneficial for almost everyone. However, if a client has a pacemaker or is pregnant, avoid this treatment and all other electrical treatments. Furthermore, if you’ve gotten Botox, wait a full two weeks for the injections to settle before booking a session.

What’s the price point for a typical microcurrent treatment?

These treatments range depending on the spa and practitioner. I’ve seen prices vary from $200-$800 per treatment. 

What do you think of microcurrent facials?

To learn more information about Julie and her wellness practice, you can visit her website and her Instagram.

XO Team LC

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