Team LC’s 2020 New Year’s Resolutions

Team LC’s 2020 New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Year everyone! We hope that you had a safe and celebratory time ringing in 2020 with your loved ones by your side. Each holiday season, Team LC sits down and takes turns sharing our favorite moments of the previous year and whether or not we’ve stuck to our New Year’s resolutions. We always try to set realistic and achievable goals for ourselves so that we can both start and end the year on a high note! That being said, it only makes sense to have our 2020 New Year’s resolutions as the first post of the new decade. When we manifest our hopes and expectations for the year to come, we find that we’re more likely to see them happen. From minimizing screen time to maximizing self-care time, we’re speaking a lot of love and positivity into this next year. Keep scrolling to see what else Team LC is hoping for in 2020…

More Experiences, Less Things

One of my New Year’s resolutions is to invest more in experiences versus things. I’m at a point where I’ve become much more minimalist with my shopping habits, and prefer to spend on dinners out, travel, and other special experiences. Could 2020 bring a trip overseas? Or maybe meals at the Top 10 spots on the L.A. Times’ 101 Best Restaurants list? I can’t wait to find out! – Ilana, Managing Editor

Reduce Daily Screen Time

Although my job is in social media, I really want to reduce the amount of excess scrolling that I am guilty of, especially at night before bed. – Rachel, Managing Editor

Learn A New Language

I took a little French in college when I studied abroad, but after that my studies kind of fell by the wayside. I’ve always wanted to be fluent in the language, so in 2020, I want to buckle down and learn more! I love the idea of being able to communicate with people and learn new ways of thinking, and I think that learning French, or any new language, can provide that for me. – Ky, Editorial Assistant

Self-Care (But Make It Simple)

It seems like 2019 was dubbed “the year of self-care,” but I’m taking that with me into 2020! I’ve realized how beneficial it is to simply set aside quiet time for myself, whether that means 30 minutes of at-home yoga, taking my dog for a walk to get some fresh air, or reading a book, and I want to make that a priority this year. – Tessa, Associate Editor

Learn How to Say No

I’m guilty of overbooking myself and because of that, feeling overwhelmed and anxious. This next year I want to make myself a priority and say no when necessary. I want to reserve my energy for building relationships and opportunities that really excite me. – Jessi, Senior Editor

Read More Books

I’ll be the first to admit that I spent a little too much time with Netflix and my couch this past year… In 2020, I want to make more of an effort to pick up a book and read in my free time, instead of instinctively turning on the TV. – Tessa, Associate Editor


I’d love to take more time volunteering for a cause that I’m truly passionate about. I know our lives can get pretty busy sometimes, but I want to make an effort, whether it’s a monthly or weekly commitment, to focus on the ways in which I can help the world be a little better. – Ky, Editorial Assistant

Have a wonderful New Year!

What are your New Year’s resolutions? 

We’d love to read them in the comments below!

XO Team LC

Photos: Jessi Burrone for LC Lauren Conrad

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