The 10 Best Quotes From Season 1 of Asking For A Friend

The 10 Best Quotes From Season 1 of Asking For A Friend

When I started my podcast Asking For A Friend, my main goal was to pass on some of the knowledge I have gained from working with experts in various fields, from hair styling to clothing design to entrepreneurship. Over the course of the season, I’ve been able to talk to everyone from my childhood best friend to my business partner at The Little Market, and I’ve learned so much more than I ever could have anticipated. If you haven’t listened yet, you can find all the episodes right here—there’s a topic for everyone, whether you’re a new mom or a budding photographer. It was pretty hard to narrow down my favorite takeaways from the season, but these are the 10 bits of wisdom that have stuck with me and changed the way I look at everything from giving back to home organization. Without further ado, here are some of the best quotes from season one of Asking For A Friend

The 10 Best Quotes From Season 1 of Asking For A Friend

1. “Everybody has time, talent, or treasure to give.” –Hannah Skvarla, Episode 5, “Women Helping Women: with Little Market Co-founder Hannah Skvarla

2. “If you’re on a date and the person isn’t treating you nicely or you’re not enjoying yourself, you can just get up and leave.” –Jilly Hendrix, Episode 11, “Dating Apps: A Modern Girl’s Guide to Dating Online

3. “We love our children and are grateful to be moms. But man, sometimes it’s really, really hard.–Leslie Bruce, Episode 1, Motherhood: It Only Looks Easy On Instagram

4. “You can’t forget where you came from… My first job was in a mall, and I love that about my story.” ­–Kristin Ess, Episode 2, “Hair: Words of Wisdom from Our ‘Mane’ Girl

5. “Sunscreen first, foundation second.” ­–Amy Nadine, Episode 4, “Makeup: It All Starts With A Good Foundation

6. “The process of organization is actually the same whether it’s a huge space, a whole house, or one drawer.” –The Home Edit, Episode 7, “Organizing: It’s as Simple As The Silverware Drawer

7. “The rules for weddings right now are breaking the rules.” ­­–Cassandra Katz, Episode 9, “Party Planning: What Your Guests Will Remember

8. “Treat your own social media as your résumé.” –Polka Dot Media, Episode 8, “Social Media: Meet My Website and Social Team

9. “Things that reflect your personality and that you see and make you happy, you should buy and bring home and surround yourself with those things.” –Kate Martindale, Episode 3, “Decorating: Learn to Love Your Space and Let Go of Your Junk

10. “The hardest part about building your own business is that you don’t get to celebrate it while you’re in it.” –Sophia Rossi, Episode 6, “Reality TV to Entrepreneurship: with Sophia Rossi

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Photos: Jessi Burrone

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