Savvy Shopper: The Expensive Items You’ll Never Regret Buying

Savvy Shopper: The Expensive Items You’ll Never Regret Buying

Listen, we’ve all been there—that beautiful leather bag or sparkling piece of jewelry is practically pulling you toward it’s brightly lit display case like it has a gravitational field all its own, only to let you down with a crushing case of sticker shock. We know the feeling! And while some pricey accessories are probably best left on the shelf, we have to admit that even we can’t walk away from some of those “love at first sight” kind of pieces. Don’t get us wrong, we live for a good designer dupe… but today we’re sharing the pieces in our wardrobes that came with a higher price tag—and lived up to every dollar of it. So keep reading for the skinny on the investment items you’ll never regret buying, plus our tips on what items we wouldn’t recommend shelling out the extra cash for…

Splurge-Worthy Accessories

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Mansur Gavriel Continental Wallet, $395
I have to admit I swiped this wallet on a whim when I was at Mansur Gavriel’s most recent sample sale in L.A., and now that I’ve used it for a few weeks, I can’t believe I almost walked out without buying it! It’s made of the most buttery soft (but sturdy) leather, and the minimalist style is everything. I’ve been a loyal Mansur Gavriel fan since my first vegetable tanned bucket bag purchase, followed by their lady bag, and now this wallet, and I can confidently say I’ll be a customer for life. Sure, the price tag on this little beauty may seem a bit steep at first, but I know from owning their other products that it is worth every penny and I will literally use this wallet for years to come. On the other hand, one thing I’ll never shell out for is a clutch. I rarely have enough events on my calendar that call for a clutch, so when in need I usually reach for more fun and affordable options like these ones… –Tessa, Associate Editor

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Gucci Bee and Star Flat Mule, $820
I began lusting after these embroidered Gucci mules the moment I saw them. For such a fun, statement shoe, they are also incredibly versatile. I don’t normally spend anywhere near this much on shoes, but I’d say these ones were totally worth it! (And to subsidize the price, my husband gave me a very generous Neiman Marcus gift card for a combined birthday/anniversary/Mother’s Day present.) I wear flats day in and day out, so they’ve become a staple in my wardrobe this season. I once spent a lot on a pair of designer pumps, but as beautiful as they were I couldn’t stand wearing them for more than 10 minutes. I only believe in spending a lot of money on pieces I’ll actually wear–not uncomfortable ones that will just sit in my closet. In hindsight, I should have gone with some more budget-friendly pumps like these… –Ilana, Managing Editor 

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Coach Legacy Romy Leather Shoulder Bag in Blush Pink, ~$395
This was my first designer bag purchase while I was in college and I can honestly say that my love for pink is still just as intact. Pink is basically a neutral anyways, right? This has been a very sturdy bag throughout the years and with the right TLC, I know that I’ll be able to wear it for many more years to come. While this exact bag is no longer available on the Coach website, right now they have a beautiful array of pink leather bags to choose from! And if it’s not a color I absolutely know I’ll love five years from now, then bargain-shopping it is. These colorful bags are good examples… –Jessi, Senior Editor 

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Alexander Wang Abby Sandal, $495
This is far and away the most money I have EVER spent on a pair of shoes… and I haven’t had a moment of buyer’s remorse! These gorgeous black heels are classic, and are shoes I will have in my closet and wear on repeat for the rest of my life. They’re the perfect height, really comfortable to wear (which means a lot coming from someone who literally can’t tolerate high heels), and I love how the little rose gold cut out adds something special to them. They’re such a versatile sandal, and can be worn all year long, which is important when you’re making an investment like this. As for stilettos or seasonal heels I rarely wear, I prefer to keep it under $150 like the ones below… –Rachel, Managing Editor 

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Gucci Soho Disco Leather Bag, $1190
I purchased this Gucci crossbody bag last season when it was a couple hundred dollars cheaper, and even then it was far more than I’d ever spent on anything else in my wardrobe. But a classic black handbag is one item I could totally justify investing in. This bag literally goes with everything. It’s compact enough to work with an evening look, or super chic with jeans and a tee. I can be wearing head-to-toe fast fashion, but this bag elevates any outfit into the perfect high-low look. One thing I won’t spend a lot of money on however? A light colored handbag. A few years ago I bought a beautiful blush colored Marc Jacobs bag on major sale, but it was completely scuffed up in a matter of weeks! Here are some less expensive light-colored bags I’d buy instead… –Ilana, Managing Editor 

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Chloe Sunglasses, ~$500
I bought these Chloe sunglasses years ago, and I can’t even remember exactly how much they cost, but I think it was around $500. I normally never spend more than $20 on any pair of sunglasses because I have a bad habit of losing them, but because I really splurged on this pair, I’ve tried extra extra extra hard to keep them around. And I’ve been successful! I’ve had them for at least 3-4 years, and they still go with pretty much every outfit, and I don’t see them going out of style any time soon. That’s really my biggest tip when making a big purchase—don’t buy a trendy pair of sunnies or a wild pair of shoes that cost an arm and a leg—make sure it’s something that you can wear for years to come, and that isn’t at risk of going out of style. For trendier sunnies that I’m at-risk of losing, I try to stay around a $50 price tag or less. Take these for example… –Rachel, Managing Editor 

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Ariel Gordon Jewelry Slim Signet Ring, $450
I whole-heartedly believe that Ariel Gordon has some of the most beautiful personalized jewelry money can buy. I bought this slim signet ring with my husband’s initials as a Christmas gift to myself last year (guilty), and I still love wearing it almost every day. I’ve never once regretted this purchase because the script is so classic (plus it’s hand-engraved!) and I have no doubt it will become an heirloom that I can pass down to my children and grandchildren. But one thing I have regretted spending money on in the past is bold or chunky rings, because I almost never wear them daily. So ever since, I’ve opted for more affordable gold-plated options like the ones below… –Tessa, Associate Editor 

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What pieces of your own would you add to this list?

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