Shape Up: 5 Reasons to Try a Trampoline Workout

Shape Up: 5 Reasons to Try a Trampoline Workout

Getting our fitness on means something different for everyone. Just talk to all of our editors here at Team LC! Some of us prefer a morning ride at our favorite spin studio, while others gravitate towards yoga, a quick jog around the block, or a sweaty barre session. Whatever the workout, we can all agree that there’s nothing quite like a post-exercise endorphin rush. A fitness class that we can all agree kicked our booties in the best way possible is a recent trampoline workout that Team LC did together. We invited our friend, trampoline aficionado, trainer, and holistic nutritionist, Kara Griffin of Feel This to swing by for a little lesson in trampoline 101. What we got out of the class was so much more than we anticipated! From intense cardio to improving balance and coordination, bouncing around has a whole new meaning for us now. Since we were all first-timers, we thought we’d leave it to Kara to introduce the benefits behind trampoline workouts because let’s face it, we’re hooked! You’re in for a treat and a burn… so keep scrolling for five reasons to try a trampoline workout. Take it away, Kara!

The benefits of a trampoline workout

1. It’s efficient.

The trampoline is a super versatile tool that can eliminate other superfluous pieces of workout equipment—not to mention cut down your workout time. Yes, you’ll feel your heart rate rising as you bounce (hey, cardio!) but you’ll also feel your muscles burning—basically all muscles from the waist down are working as you’re bouncing. Conversely, because you’re on a dynamic surface, you’ll feel your heart rate rise anytime you use the trampoline for strength training. Say what? For example, doing a back squat on the trampoline (dynamic surface) is going to be much more challenging than on the floor (stable surface). Because your muscles must work harder to stabilize, they require more oxygen via the blood so the heart rate rises to meet that request.

While bouncing you’re also working your balance (think of it as standing ab exercises), coordination (you have to work it just like any other muscle) and proprioception (the sense of your body in space.) Because you can tone your muscles as you fit in your cardio, you can shorten your active workout time. Essentially, you’re killing two workout birds with one stone. Perfect for the check-it-off-the-list lover.

2. It’s low impact.

That nice cushy give of the trampoline decreases your impact by up to 40%. Because impact is most frequently felt in our skeletal system, it’s our joints that tire and feel pain before our muscles actually fatigue. Since the trampoline significantly cuts impact, you’re able to push yourself harder than you could normally in higher impact workouts. Try doing high knees on the ground vs high knees on the trampoline and you’ll immediately feel the difference.

Learn about the benefits of trying a trampoline workout

3. It makes you better at other workouts.

Since bouncing strengthens atypical muscles, incorporates movements that aren’t usually in everyday life and saves your precious joints, many clients find that they’re able to perform better in other workouts as well. Runners see times shaved down, spinners can recruit their glutes more than their quads and barre-rinas can add a few more pulses to their plies. As always, your muscles perform better with cross-training and bouncing is a cross-training method that will always be aligned with your goals—it’s doing more good than harm!

4. You’re doubly detoxing.

When you bounce, you’re holding four times your weight at the bottom of the bounce and you’re weightless at the top of it. That up and down movement where gravity is essentially gone then intensified essentially shakes up the lymphatic system, allowing it to release toxins. When you’re exercising you’re already detoxing through your skin via sweat but those who bounce find it’s a “different kind of sweat.” You’ll either sweat more or have, um, a different odor to your sweat. Cute, I know, but nobody can hate extra detox, am I right?

5. It’s fun!

It sounds like a silly reason, but remember the childhood joy bouncing brought you? When you bounced with friends until exhaustion? There was a sense of joy and freedom in that and why not find that as an adult? Though a sprint can be just as challenging (if not more, ah!) on a trampoline there are always smiles in trampoline sessions because who doesn’t love to feel weightless? You almost can’t help the fun and that’s where the endorphins (and bouncing addiction!) starts. Plus, you’ll have a great boomerang for your Instagram!

The benefits of trying a trampoline workout

First timer tips:

  • Wear sneakers. You’ll feel more stable.
  • Wear an, ahem, supportive sports bra. There’s nothing more distracting than trying to tame the tatas as you’re trying to learn a new skill.
  • Try it with a friend! I promise, it’s always more fun.

...and the cutest trampoline pup

We were having so much fun that Team LC’s mascot, Winnie, wanted to join in too!

Thanks again to Kara for having us smiling and sweating at the same time. This is one workout we’re definitely going to be keeping up all summer long!

Have you ever tried a trampoline workout?

If not, we can’t recommend it enough! Let us know if you have in the comments.

XO Team LC

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