DIY: Mini Painted Pots

DIY Mini Painted Pots by

Our latest DIY is another fun and easy craft that we whipped up for our redesign luncheon. In addition to our bright piñata letter signage, we decided to continue our colorful theme with these hand-painted pots. We love the look of traditional terra cotta, but we kicked these pots up a notch by painting them and filling them with mini succulents and cactus. We gave our painted pots away as party favors for all of our guests, but they would work well for just about any kind of party. And they made for cute table décor, too!

If you’re searching for a fun craft that takes minimal effort, look no further. Keep scrolling to see how you can create your own mini painted pots…

These mini painted pots brighten up any table

Here’s what you will need:

  • mini terra cotta pots
  • mini succulents or cactus (we found ours at Home Depot)
  • acrylic paint
  • assorted paint brushes
  • small gold rocks (or small rocks you can spray paint gold)

How to make mini painted pots

Here’s how to make them:

1. Choose your favorite color and get to painting your pots. Terra cotta is super absorbent, so each pot may need a couple of layers of paint.

Creating mini painted pots

Painted pots from the redesign luncheon

2. Let your first layers of paint dry thoroughly before adding your design. That way they won’t smudge or bleed.

Mini painted succulent pots by

Design your own pots

3. Let your finished product air dry completely before you pot your plants. Place the succulents directly into your painted pots.

Planting succulents in DIY painted pots

DIY mini painted succulent pots

4. Add a layer of gold rocks to the top of the soil for a polished and finished product!

Miniature painted pot DIY by

These little pots were easy to whip up and made each table setting pop, not to mention they look adorable sitting in our windowsills now that the luncheon has passed.

Will you be recreating these cute mini painted pots? 

Be sure to snap a photo and post it in the comments if you do!

XO Team LC

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  • Jessica Johnson

    My husband (my fiance at the time) and I painted and decorated mini clay pots with succulents for our wedding favors. We spray painted them with a cream color and wrapped them with burlap and lace for an elegant, rustic look to coordinate with the overall theme of our wedding. Then we planted them with a variety of succulents and added a pink thank you heart for a personal touch. In addition, I put a sign out on the table for guests to read “Take a succulent home with you and let love grow.” These were a big hit at the wedding and the guests loved them because it was a personal and thoughtful gift. It’s a year later and we are still getting comments from our wedding guests on how much they loved the favors and are amazed that they are still growing…after all they were planted with love 🙂
    xo, Jessica

  • cutiesss!!! <3

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  • Victoria Rolt

    These look so adorable and cute. I might have to try these out for myself; I’m a sucker for diy ideas

  • For my upcoming wedding, I’m planning on having mini succulents as the place card holders. I love the designs of these pots! Is there a place you recommend that sells the mini terra cotta pots in bulk? Thanks!

    – Dara ||

    • Jessica Johnson

      I bought mine at my local Dollar Tree. They were able to order more since they didn’t have enough in stock. 3 for $1

  • aspiringsocialite

    Adorable party favor idea!


  • Too cute! Seems like these would easily transform plants to fit colors for a wedding theme. 🙂