Dress Coding: Bridal Shower Attire

Whether you like it or not, wedding season is upon us. With weddings come bridal showers along with a whole slew of related events. After a recent shower I attended for one of my good friends I realized that many of the girls in my group didn’t know what to wear to the occasion. Questions such as “Can I wear white or cream?” became the centerpiece of conversation leading up to the shower. This got me thinking that many of you might find yourself wondering the same thing so I thought I’d do a blog about it. As with all things, there are some general rules of thumb when it comes to dressing for a bridal shower. Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Let the bride-to-be wear white. It’s a subtle way to let her shine on her big day. Personally, I would even steer away from creams and ivory as well. Nude shades and white dresses with colorful prints are fine, but solid whites should be reserved for the star of the show: The Bride.
  2. Stay away from red. It may seem trite, but red is considered to be a “vulgar” hue associated with adultery. Not exactly appropriate for celebrating your friend’s upcoming nuptials. Red is also a “look-at-me” color. Again, let the bride bask in the spotlight. Save your LRD for that hot date you have planned…and wear that LPD instead.
  3. Try not to wear black. This is a completely personal opinion, but I wouldn’t recommend wearing black to a bridal shower. It reminds me of mourning. Instead, wear a pretty color or print to show optimism for your friend’s new beginnings.

Also, if you have any fun game ideas for bridal showers, let me know in the comments below!

As far as what to wear on the big day, be sure to check out my wedding attire style guide!

XO Lauren