DIY: 5 Step Facial

I hope you enjoyed my skincare routine post. For me, facials are an important part to maintaining a healthy complexion. I typically get a professional facial every other month. While professional facials will cost you a pretty penny, there are plenty of spa-worthy products on the market that are perfect for giving yourself an inexpensive at-home facial.

Here’s how you can give yourself a lovely at-home facial in just 5 easy steps:

What you will need…

  • gentle facial cleanser
  • exfoliating scrub
  • washcloth
  • face mask (clay-based for oily skin, cream or gel mask for dry skin)
  • face moisturizer


  1. Clean. Remove all makeup and then wash your face, neck and ears with a good facial cleanser.
  2. Exfoliate. Using your fingers gently rub an exfoliating facial scrub in small circular motions all over your face. Make sure you focus on areas around your nose and forehead. If certain areas of your face are oilier than others, give that section an extra scrub. Go the extra mile and do a lip scrub too! Click here for my DIY lip scrub recipe.
  3. Steam. There are a few ways to steam your face (over the stove, using a steamer), but the safest way is to do the washcloth trick. Fill your sink with warm water and soak a washcloth in it. Ring out the towel and then press it to your face. Repeat this 2 to 3 times.
  4. Mask. If you have oily skin, use a clay mask. For dry skin, I suggest using a hydrating cream or gel mask. Depending on the mask, leave it on for the suggested amount of time and then rinse completely. (DIY Alert: Making your own mask is very easy. An orange and yogurt mask is especially simple. Mix 1 tablespoon of plain Greek yogurt with the juice of about one fourth of an orange. Spread the mixture evenly over your face and rinse after 5 to 10 minutes.)
  5. Hydrate. Last by not least, moisturize! Smooth a nice, thick moisturizer over your face and neck.

Is your skincare routine working for you? Share your tips and tricks in the comments below (especially if you have any fun DIY face mask recipes). I will compile the best suggestions to share in a follow up post.

XO Lauren

P.S. Click here for a great recipe on how to make your own citrus infused facial refresher.

  • Sravanthi Reddy

    Is it fine to clean face with baby oil? I saw in this video on how to do fruit facial

  • Tiffany Alesha Davis

    you can do at home including peels, dermarolling and blue light therapy. my full DIY video can be watched here:

  • Lorraine

    Step 1. I wash my face with either black soap or Facetheory C2 cream cleanser using my Olay Face brush and then I decongest my skin of excess sebum.

    Step 2. I then exfoliate with a paste made of baking soda and water, leaves my skin beautifully soft.

    Step 3. I steam my face with a bowl of boiled water and a drop of Neal’s Yard Geranium Essential oil for about 10mins.

    Step 4. Next step is a homemade mask of 1 tbsp bentonite clay, 2 capsules charcoal powder mixed with a little apple cider vinegar and Aloe Vera juice.

    Step 5. I then wipe clean, rinse and use Thayers alcohol free Witch hazel toner or a homemade toner made with ACV and water. I then apply some Fushi Organic Argan oil with a drop of Rosemary Essential oil from Neal’s Yard (Rosemary balances skin).

    My skin is soft, smooth and glowing after this facial. I recommend doing this at least once a week. Everything I use is either natural or organic and free from chemicals and is designed to specifically treat congested, both oily and dry skin, by removing toxins and restoring skin’s natural balance and also treats hyperpigmentation and removes blemishes.

    I hope this helps x

  • Lorraine

    I would recommend once, maybe twice a week depending on your skin, how dry/oily/sensitive it is.