Dress Coding: Bridal Shower Attire

Whether you like it or not, wedding season is upon us. With weddings come bridal showers along with a whole slew of related events. After a recent shower I attended for one of my good friends I realized that many of the girls in my group didn’t know what to wear to the occasion. Questions such as “Can I wear white or cream?” became the centerpiece of conversation leading up to the shower. This got me thinking that many of you might find yourself wondering the same thing so I thought I’d do a blog about it. As with all things, there are some general rules of thumb when it comes to dressing for a bridal shower. Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Let the bride-to-be wear white. It’s a subtle way to let her shine on her big day. Personally, I would even steer away from creams and ivory as well. Nude shades and white dresses with colorful prints are fine, but solid whites should be reserved for the star of the show: The Bride.
  2. Stay away from red. It may seem trite, but red is considered to be a “vulgar” hue associated with adultery. Not exactly appropriate for celebrating your friend’s upcoming nuptials. Red is also a “look-at-me” color. Again, let the bride bask in the spotlight. Save your LRD for that hot date you have planned…and wear that LPD instead.
  3. Try not to wear black. This is a completely personal opinion, but I wouldn’t recommend wearing black to a bridal shower. It reminds me of mourning. Instead, wear a pretty color or print to show optimism for your friend’s new beginnings.

Well that’s it for bridal shower wardrobe etiquette! Now for the fun part… Here are my top picks on what to wear to a bridal shower:

If you’re the bride-to-be, wear white. I like both of these little numbers…



Theyskens’ Theory Dystie Dress



J.Crew Eyelet Dress

If you’re attending a shower, try one of these paired with a nice cardigan and heels or pretty flats…



H&M Short Dress in Mint



LC Lauren Conrad Ruffle Hi-Low Dress



H&M Powder Pink Lace Dress



Anthropologie Macquarie Dress



Vanessa Bruno Silk Dress



LC Lauren Conrad Polka-Dot Pleated Dress



Anthropologie Burgeoning Hypericum Dress (This is the dress I actually wore to my friend’s bridal shower.)

Which dress is your favorite?

Also, if you have any fun game ideas for bridal showers, let me know in the comments below!

As far as what to wear on the big day, be sure to check out my wedding attire style guide!

XO Lauren


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  • Lily P.

    I love the H&M Powder Pink Lace Dress
    it’s so nice!

  • Lauren Hoffman

    Great suggestions Lauren! I’m going to a shower in a few weeks and have a navy and orange stripped hi-low dress picked out to wear.

    Check out our wedding themed week today’s post is all things hair for both brides and bridesmaids!


  • Sarah Heckle

    Good advice! My friend wore that lace H&M dress to her bachelorette party on Saturday – the back of it is sooo cute!



  • krisss

    ohhh, i love the pink lace dress and the silk dress and the polka-dot pleated dress.. mmmm ^^

  • Stacie

    I’ve never seen a bride wear white to her own shower. Is that common?

  • Melissa LaRose

    I love bridal shower games!!! At my shower one of my bridesmaids asked my husband (then fiance) a bunch of questions, then at the shower I had to answer them how he did and if I didn’t I had to take a huge piece of bubble gum… each wrong answer added another piece of gum, let’s just say at the end of it I couldn’t really talk and wanted nothing to do with gum! LOL… it was a fun and silly game =)

  • Petra Zeller

    I love the Powder Pink Lace dress from H&M and the Burgeoning Hypericum Dress from Anthropologie. Really pretty. I’m invite this saturday for a wedding ceremony and I know what I wearing :) I will wear Paper Crown the shorter navy blue dress with the beautiful flower. I love this dress. xoxo, Petra


  • Stacie Grissom

    *Swoon! I just love Anthropologie dresses– and the pink LC dress! :)


  • Emily k.

    I love your Polka Dot Pleated Dress! Absolutely my fave…. with the anthropologies coming in right behind. :)

    This weekend I rocked a great black maxi and made a slew of earrings!



  • Stephanie Mora

    OMG! I’m love with the H&M Powder Pink Lace Dress and LC Lauren Conrad Polka-Dot Pleated Dress! It’s sooo gorgeous and I really wanna have it now for the summer in Copenhagen!

  • Melissa Panici

    I love the dresses from your line!! Always my favorite! A fun bridal shower game idea is one my sister had to play last year at hers. We blind folded my sister and had all of the guys at the shower, including the groom, line up and my sister had to feel all of their legs (below the knees) to see if she knew which man was hers. She actually got it right too!! lol. It was so fun to watch her figure it out!

  • Charlotte Hill

    I am so glad you have brought awareness to the fact the bride only wears white. I’m getting married at the end of August and my worst fear is that someone will wear white. Granted my dress is actually ivory but I wouldn’t dream of doing that to someone on their big day.

    My brother’s fiance wore white to my sister’s wedding and surprisingly, my sister wasn’t fazed by this at all. I however, will be haha

    Love the pink pleated dress though. Absolutely gorgeous!

  • Rebecca Bakofsky

    In love with the LC Lauren Conrad Polka Dot Pleat Dress!! 😀

    Thanks for the tips!

  • Larissa Wilhelm

    This is perfect! A lot of my friends are getting engaged so even though it’s not quite time for the showers to begin, this will come in handy later! Thanks Lauren!


  • Tanya’s Shopping Diet

    I love your dresses, LC. You have a perfect combo of pleats and feminine details and prints! Headed to Kohl’s now!



  • Kelley {Keep Sitting Pretty}

    Great tips! I really love the LC hi-low ruffle dress!

    XO Kelley

  • Martin M

    I love the Vanessa Bruno silk dress!! Amazing!



  • Ma. Elena Aroca

    Hi! I would like an advise for what to wear at a wedding in the beach!! thank you lauren!!

  • Closet Fix

    So many of my friends are getting married really soon, so the bridal shower invites are par for the course. These tips will definitely come in handy. I would never ever consider wearing white to the actual wedding, but I didnt realize that wearing white was also problematic for the shower as well. Thank goodness I generally opt for loads of color any way.


    Simmy P.


  • Umbrella Drink

    I have so many weddings coming up this summer, and this is really helpful!



  • Sydney Shnelvar

    I threw my sister her bridal shower yesterday!

    I wore your floral ruffle chiffon dress with your pink platform high heels! I got so many compliments on both pieces :)

  • Christine Rosko

    Hello Wedding Season! I can’t tell you how many people have decided to get married this spring and coming summer. These dresses are so gorgeous and I can’t wait to go shopping for a few new ones. Great picks.

    If you get second I would love for you to check out my blog and latest post: http://xadayinthelifex.blogspot.com/

  • cat

    Very, very helpful. Thank you! I just got a reason to go shopping now.
    I have two favorites: Podwer Pink Dress and YOUR dress: Ruffle:Hi-Low dress. Is there any chance that I could win your dress? :-)

    Keep Blogging!

  • Kelly Burt

    My favorite ones here are the Ruffle Hi-low dress and polka-dot pleated dress. They are all so pretty!

  • Amy Breckenridge

    i went to H&M a couple weeks ago and fell in love with that pink lace dress, but they didn’t have my size!! i was so sad :( great dress picks, lauren!


  • Amenah Hussein

    Love them all, I would probably wear the pastel pink one by h&m :)

  • Eva Kosec

    I would love to wear the last one, polka-dot pleated dress with cute little bag and big cat-eye glasses :)



  • Melissa Riollano

    I love the powder pink lace dress, the macquarie dress, and the polka dot pleated dress. So cute!

  • Kellie Norton

    I love all the LC Lauren Conrad dresses, of course :-) I love this post!! But it’s so scary to think that all my friends will start getting engaged, I’m only 21! haha!

  • Amy Hendrix

    My favorite game from my birdal shower was the “”Panty Line Poem””. My maids had taken a poem that was about all the different types of panties you wear throughout your marriage and had personalized it for me and my husband! It was so cute and the panties were a hit on the honeymoon!

  • jessi mccormick

    Love this! -I am currently in school to become a certified wedding planner and I know a lot of people that could benefit from this post! Thanks LC!

  • Elisabeth Hostetter

    I love the Anthropologie Macquarie Dress! so cute

  • Melissa mould

    some great pics, love the theme of this post too.

    My OOTD on my UK style blog today would make the perfect outfit too I reckon – it’s an asymmetric cut skirt with sequin detail chiffon blouse. You can see it here http://www.mediamarmalade.com/

  • Essie

    Always love your dresses and style!


  • fashionsontop

    Great tips! I alos love all the dresses you picked out!


  • Liesl

    I agree, don’t wear white, red or black to a bridal shower! I really love the Powder Pink lace dress from H&M!

    Liesl xxx


  • Cassie Hanson

    could not agree with your tips more!! sharing this post :)


  • Jaclyn Schler

    Love that Anthropologie dress!

    Cute bridal shower game – Have each guest write down words of wisdom to the bride and groom. Read their note before opening their gift! Simple and cute. http://sharingmysole.blogspot.com/

  • beachgrly74

    I love your pink dress! Could you guys please post some stuff on summer finds, sucha as tops and shorts for different body types. I’m petite (5’2” and an XS) and love all of the crop top looks as well as longer length ones but nothing fits me well and I need help!

  • Shellz

    AAh! this is great! The powder pink lace dress is tooo cute! Gotta hit H&M now!


  • Leanne

    I love the white dresses. They are stunning!

    Love from South Africa


  • Jacy Tilton

    I’ve never had to think about this because none of my close friends have gotten married yet, however I’ve had a few friends get engaged lately so I guess I will need to start thinking about it soon! Great tips…thanks for sharing! Such a helpful/cute post idea :)



  • Michelle LaPorte

    The powder pink lace dress from H&M is my favorite!


  • Stephanie DiMaggio

    I love the first rule: don’t wear white! I have seen so many women at bridal showers and weddings wear white! It is so annoying and rude.


  • Lauren Hoffman

    Looking for DIY bridal shower ideas? Click here!!

    <3 Lauren @ eyeblinkfashion

  • Lizzie

    I’m going to a baptism in a couple weeks and had no idea what to wear. I’m thinking a dress like this could be appropriate. Love the polka dot Kohls dress!

  • Linh Ly

    i love the h&m pink lace dress and your LC polka dotted dress! love it love it! bridal showers are a great place to wear a flirty, girly dress without having to worry about looking sexy! = )

    follow me at http://befashionfit.blogspot.com/

  • soupforthegirlysoul

    great tips! these dresses are beautiful!


  • Sara Neely

    My favorite dress is the Macquarie Dress from Anthropologie. It touches on so many trends for spring- it’s floral and has pastel colors. It doesn’t hurt that it’s from my favorite store either!

  • Susie Leckie

    hey Lauren! this is a really great post, but i have another issue coming up in June! my boyfriend is taking me back to Indiana where all his family lives (his mom is one of 10 brothers / sisters – eeeek!) and his cousin who is our age, 24, is getting married and invited us to the wedding. i need some help getting a dress because i don’t want anything too flashy or expensive because they aren’t into name brand clothing as much. obviously i do not want to steal from the bride either but it’s a June wedding in the afternoon so i want something that will br bright and cheery and stand out! do you have any advice or does anyone else? maybe someone who has been back to the midwest, i would love just any advice!


    susie x X

  • paola nvr

    My favorite dress is LC Lauren Conrad Polka-Dot Pleated Dress is soo pretyy!

  • crazygurl

    The LC Lauren Conrad Ruffle Hi-Low Dress is sooo cute! <333

  • Bridgette
  • tina john

    I’m totally feeling this post! I definitely need a new necklace storage. I also need a good place to hang my bags and purses..still looking for one! Any ideas?

    fashion photographers

  • Noelle O Riordan

    What is everyones opinion on wearing a long nude dress to a black tie wedding? Would match it with bold colour accessories eg, red lipstick, black shoes etc.

  • Meredith

    I love the light pink H&M dress! I am a March bride and have been thinking about what to wear to my upcoming shower! Thanks for the cute suggestions! I would love to read your suggestions for the bridal shower games!
    Thanks :)

  • Paulina Mo

    Super cute and girly! love that last dress!

    my fashion blog: http://www.lilbitsofchic.com

  • Kristen Moreno

    These are all gorgeous! But I sometimes feel strange wearing white to a wedding :/

    Hey Guys, check out my Beauty Review Accounts:

    Instagram: YourBeautyFix
    Blog: http://yourbeautyfixreviews.blogspot.com/

  • Rachel

    My wardrobe is limited to mostly black and white because of my last job dress code. I am attending a family friend’s bridal shower this Sunday. Is it okay to wear a solid white mini skirt if I add brown tights, black boots and a mint button down top? You can’t really see much of the white.

    • PrettyGirlLuxe

      I think anyone who would take the time to side-eye you for showing up to an event in a classy outfit and properly clothed- as in your boobs and ass aren’t hanging out- is a person who needs a hobby.

  • Brittany

    If you’re concerned about what your guests wear to your shower, you’ve got far bigger problems. I wore a black and white striped shirt last year to my friend’s bridal shower, called her up and asked her if this was offensive. She asked me if I was crazy. Seriously, stop spreading this crap!

    • PrettyGirlLuxe


    • Michele

      You sound just like my daughter. Excellent call.

    • Jen

      Well I guess every party could always use a good “referee”. A true friend will not tell you if your outfit was offensive to spare your feelings.

  • PrettyGirlLuxe

    Ladies, we need to stop imposing these ridiculous “fashion rules” on each other and stop trying to judge and micro-manage what other people are wearing to weddings.

    I don’t care if it’s for your bridal shower, bachlorette party, RD, or the freaking wedding itself- Brides and other wedding guests, STOP WORRYING ABOUT WHAT CLOTHING AND WHAT COLORS OTHER PEOPLE ARE WEARING!!!!! Stop wasting time judging people based on the color of the dress they are wearing, sheesh.

    • I am better than you

      Why are you even on on this site if you don’t care about what you wear or what other people think? Get your priorities straight!!

      • PrettyGirlLuxe

        My priorities *are* straight. You controlling brides and snarky guests need to get *your* priorities straight, and stop worrying about and judging other women for something that doesn’t affect you at all.

        Get a grip.

        • Anonymous


    • heather

      I respectfully disagree with you. I think it is important for us to stop and think about our decisions and how they make others feel. It does not make one judgemental, but rather mindful and respectful to think outside of themselves. I agree that you shouldn’t wear white to bridal showers or weddings. I don’t, however, necessarily agree with the rest of the advice above. It is not your day (unless you’re the bride) and you are (hopefully) there to support the bride and/or groom vs. seeking attention for yourself. There is nothing wrong with etiquette or putting other people’s feelings before your own. All brides want to feel beautiful on their day and regardless of if the bride cares or not about other’s outfits, I believe we should let her shine on her day. The truth is, when one thinks of a white dress at a wedding shower or on a wedding day, they think of the bride.

  • http://www.dressmovement.com The Dress Movement

    Love these! We put together some of our fave bridal shower outfits on our site http://dressmovement.com/collections/what-to-wear-bridal-shower


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