the beauty products that team lc will never use

Here at Team LC, we’re self-proclaimed beauty addicts. From rose gold temporary hair tint to contouring and natural teeth whiteners, you name it, we’ve probably given it our best go. As excited as we are to try new things, we also realize that not all trends are realistic for every lifestyle. We like to give our readers an honest look into what the beauty world has to offer, and today we’re letting you in the beauty products that we just can’t seem to get into. Some of us have a hard time pulling off bold lipstick while others just can’t get the hang of liquid eyeliner. Can you guess who’s who? Keep scrolling to find out which beauty products our editors will never use…

Eye Shadow

I rarely ever wear eye shadow (and if I do, it’s a neutral color). For as long as I can remember, I’ve had an aversion to how it looks on me. Maybe it’s a bit of PTSD from my middle school days, when I used to match my eye shadow to my outfits. I think you’ll be surprised to know that since having my little guy, the winged eyeliner only comes out on special occasions too! – Lauren, Editor-in-Chief


I’ve always been one of those people who wanted to wear lipstick and love it, but I just can’t get on board. I’ve tried tons of colors and formulas over the years (even smudge-proof liquid lipsticks) but always find myself wiping it off after just a couple of hours. For me, lipstick is too much of a distraction—I’m hyper-aware that I have something on my lips whenever I have it on, and I can’t fully enjoy whatever I’m doing because I’m too paranoid that my lipstick has somehow smeared all over my face or my teeth. But on the other hand, I’m a fanatic about lip balm, and I’m always down for a clear or subtle shimmer gloss! If you’re a lipstick lover, I applaud and envy you. But you’ll never catch me wearing it. – Tessa, Associate Editor


My whole life, I’ve never been a perfume girl. Part of it may be that I still haven’t found a perfume I deem worthy of being my signature scent. Even when I’ve found scents that I like well enough, I never remember to wear them. Spritzing on perfume may only take two seconds, but try as I might, it’s just never been a part of my beauty routine. Instead, I stick with things like scented lotions, shampoos, and this rose-scented deodorant that still adds a little bit of fragrance without being overwhelming. – Ilana, Managing Editor

Fake Eyelashes & Eyelash Extensions

So many of my girlfriends have long, luscious lashes thanks to their regular eyelash extension appointments. But as much as I’d love to have a little extra in the lash department, this beauty trend is just not for me. I tried fake lashes once for a photoshoot, and after 5 minutes my eyes were watering, I couldn’t see straight, and I found myself peeling them off before the shoot event started. Instead, I like to use a swipe of NeuLash every 3 to 4 days on my lash line to keep my lashes growing and full, and I mostly just rely on good old mascara (this one and this one are my favorites). – Allison, Managing Editor

Liquid Eyeliner

As much as I envy Lauren’s perfect cat eye, I’ve never been able to recreate that look on myself. My eyes (and eyebrows) are two totally different shapes/sizes, so when I try to apply liquid eyeliner, it’s impossible to make it even and never ends up looking right. To be honest, I’m not really an eye makeup kind of girl—when I do put on eye makeup, it’s usually just a swipe of shimmery shadow and a bit of mascara. – Rachel, Managing Editor


Being fair-skinned and coming to terms with the fact that my complexion doesn’t tan easily, I’ve rarely ever used bronzing makeup products. I find that it tends to look unnatural and I hate having any harsh makeup lines on my face. I don’t mind blending on the occasional contour when I’m dressing up or going out, but my everyday makeup routine embraces my natural color, as pale as that may be! – Jessi, Senior Editor

What beauty trend do you struggle to get behind?

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