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We can’t believe that we’re already wrapping up June—a month dedicated to all things fitness and wellness. While January is always a time for resolutions and planning for a healthy year ahead, June is our month to check in on all of those goals and really hit the ground running, just in time for summer. So far we’ve covered a myriad of topics ranging from marathon training all the way to mastering the post-workout primp and we’re rounding it out with today’s Tuesday Ten.

Over the years we’ve turned some of our favorite workout routines into blog posts here on LaurenConrad.com. We’re passionate about sharing what has worked for us and that’s taken the form of workouts, running guides, healthy eating tips, and even busting some of the fitness world’s biggest myths. If you’re new to the website or have been following along from the inception, we wanted to do a little refresher course in some of our favorite fitness content. Today’s Tuesday Ten is dedicated to 10 of the best fitness posts on the blog. Keep scrolling to see which ones made the list…

1. Fit Tip: How to Measure Your Fitness Goals Without Stepping On The Scale
Being on a journey to your healthiest self is more than just a number on the scale. Learn how to measure your health and wellness goals without focusing on your weight in this blog post.

2. Shape Up: What Is The Best Time of The Day to Work Out?
Are you a morning person or someone who thrives late at night? Find out what the best time of day to work out is in this post!

3. Shape Up: The 30-Day Abs Challenge
30 days to a stronger core…enough said!

4. Shape Up: The Hotel Room Workout
We know that a lot of our readers are always on the go, that’s why this hotel room workout is a must.

5. Tuesday Ten: Our Favorite Health and Fitness Apps
If you’re going to spend time on your phone, why not make it as healthy of a choice as possible? These 10 health and fitness apps are the perfect start to doing just that.

6. Shape Up: The Fit Girl’s Guide to Foam Rolling 101
New to foam rolling? Here’s why you should be incorporating one into your workout routine.

7. Shape Up: The Best Workout for Your Body Type
Every body is beautiful and unique, and fitness is not a one-size-fits-all endeavor. This blog post is dedicated to finding the right workout for your body type.

8. Healthy Habits: The Fit Girl’s Guide to Protein Powders
Learn all about protein powder and why it is beneficial to your workout in this blog post.

9. Fitness Myth Busting: Can Lifting Weights Make Me Bulky?
One of weight lifting’s biggest myths, busted.

10. Shape Up: The Workout Routines Our Editors Swear Have Transformed Their Bodies
Take it from Team LC, you should give these workouts and classes a try!

We’re planning on diving back into these posts as well! We could all use a little fitness refresher, don’t you think?

What has been your favorite fitness post on LaurenConrad.com so far?

Let us know in the comments!

XO Team LC

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