Friday Favorites

Happy weekend, everyone! My Friday Favorites this week have a little bit of everything, from savory vegan dishes to summery prints to put on your walls. I can’t wait to show you everything I’m loving lately, so let’s jump right in…

Favorite Bite (anyone in the mood for a vegan BBQ guacamole burger sandwiched between two sweet potato halves? Get the recipe via Healthy Little Vittles):

vegan BBQ guacamole burger on a sweet potato bun via Healthy Little Vittles

Favorite Beauty DIY (these homemade pushup lotion bars infused with essential oils via The Pretty Life Girls):

DIY homemade pushup lotion bars

DIY homemade pushup lotion bars

Favorite Scene (this image from Tessa Neustadt’s print shop is pretty dreamy):

Tessa Neustadt print shop

Favorite Summer Staple (I know I’ll be living in these denim cutoffs come summer):

denim cutoffs for summer

Favorite “Aww”:

How are you spending the weekend?

Let me know in the comments. 

XO Lauren

Photos: Healthy Little Vittles, The Pretty Life Girls, Tessa Neustadt
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