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There are a million excuses you can make to not workout, but stressing about looking presentable afterward should not be one of them. In my case, having small kids means that if I can squeeze in a workout, I’m usually sacrificing the time I would spend primping, preening, and putting on real clothes. But whether you also have a baby, if you’re heading straight to brunch after a hike with friends, or working out on your lunch hour, I am here to tell you it is totally possible to look presentable in public post-workout without taking time to wash your hair and a apply full face of makeup. If you’re wondering what exactly you need to get ready after exercising, read on for a few of my best tips and tricks…

Choose Your Workout Wisely

My first word of advice is to be realistic when it comes to choosing your workout. Activities like hot yoga or intense cardio are probably going to leave you pretty sweaty, meaning your makeup will run, your hair will fall flat, and you will want to take a full shower afterward. But if you stick to less intense workouts like traditional yoga, Pilates, or a brisk jog on a treadmill or elliptical, you will be able to pull your beauty look back together again.

Apply Melt-Proof Makeup

If you’re working out first thing in the morning, you can simply skip makeup before your workout and master a five-minute makeup routine a la our editor-in-chief. The tricky part comes when you’re working out midday, and want your morning makeup to stay in place. You may think to reach for powder products to combat sweat and shine, but the opposite is actually true. Cream cosmetics make for a more natural looking glow and don’t get cakey the way powder products do. So when it comes to foundation, blush, highlighter, and eye shadow, cream products are your friend. You can also look for a silicone-based primer and/or foundation, which tend to be the longest wearing formulas (just beware than they can clog pores if you have acne-prone skin). And it goes without saying that any mascara and eyeliner should be waterproof if you don’t want raccoon eyes. Click here for even more melt-proof makeup tips.

Touch Up Your Tresses

Sure, you can just throw your hair in a messy bun and call it a day. But if you want to feel slightly more put-together, there are plenty of hairstyles you can opt for. Tying your hair back into a sleek bun or ponytail disguises the fact that your hair hasn’t been washed but can still look incredibly chic (we all swear by Kristin Ess The One Signature Hair Water for sleek, smooth, shiny styling). If you prefer to wear your hair down, all you need are a couple of products to help revive your mane. Apply dry shampoo to just the roots and use Kristin Ess The One Signature Hair Water once again to revive the rest of your mane. Also keep in mind that dirty hair holds a curl better than freshly washed locks. You might as well use this to your advantage and run a curling iron through your tresses.

Do a Post-Workout Wipe Down

If you don’t have the time to rinse off after your workout, it can be helpful to pack face and body wipes to clean off a bit. I’ve tried Pacifica and Whish deodorant wipes, and both work well to freshen up on-the-go. For your face, you can use facial towelettes (I love the Yes To brand) if you have a bare face, or blotting papers if you have makeup on.

Do you have any tricks for primping post-workout?

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