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On a recent family vacation, I unpacked the pouch containing my jewelry to find the delicate gold chain of my necklace completely knotted up. It was a familiar sight—an inconvenience that I’d come to expect any time I packed my jewelry away for travel. My sister, who was on the trip with us, volunteered her untangling skills and handed me back my necklace—but not before telling me about a pretty brilliant packing hack to prevent future incidents like this one. It was too good (and so simple) that I had to share…


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If you have a necklace with a delicate chain that gets tangled easily, loop it through a straw before packing it in your purse or jewelry pouch. You can cut the straw shorter for a bracelet, or even make use of multiple straws for a necklace with a longer chain length.

Rings and Earrings

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The straw/necklace hack also got me thinking about ways to pack my rings and earrings that were better than jumbling them all up in a pouch together, where they can get banged around. If you have an extra contact lens case at home, it makes for the perfect jewelry storage solution.

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Especially if you have expensive fine jewelry or pieces with sentimental value, it pays to take a little more care with the way you pack them. These jewelry packing hacks are so simple yet extremely effective. I only wonder why I hadn’t thought of them sooner. I hope you use these tricks on your next getaway…

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