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Welcome back to our Earth Day-inspired Going Green Challenge series! So far this month we’ve taken on green grocery shopping and discontinuing the use of plastic straws. One eco-friendly subject that falls in the range of both of these topics is biodegradability. To put it simply, the term biodegradable means that an object can be broken down or decomposed by bacteria, an important factor when the item enters a landfill. While some everyday items like paper are already biodegradable, many plastics are not, and most can’t even be recycled. Yikes! By choosing to consciously shop for biodegradable packaging and goods, you can rest assured knowing that the waste you produce won’t cause harm to the environment and won’t be sitting in a landfill for years to come. So starting today, the ladies here at Team LC are challenging all of our readers to buy biodegradable.

It takes a little more effort to familiarize yourself with biodegradable packaging, but it’s well worth the research. Starting your biodegradable journey can be tricky, so in today’s post we’re helping you do a little shopping that will lead you in the right direction.

For the kitchen:
When it comes to biodegradable products, your kitchen is the perfect place to start. There is an array of everyday products that are simple to swap out, including things like trash bags, cutlery, plates, and cups. Items like napkins and paper towels are already biodegradable, but we love a recycled option as well. Below are a handful of our favorite biodegradable kitchen products…

For the bathroom:
Another room in your house that can easily handle a biodegradable swap is your bathroom. Something as simple as trading in a plastic toothbrush for a compostable version or buying a reusable razor instead of the single-use plastic razors can make a big impact. Did you know that they make organic, BPA-free, and plant-based feminine hygiene products as well? If you’re considering greening your bathroom, below are great products to start with…

For your pets:
This one goes out to all of the pet owners out there. In addition to doggie bags, we were surprised to learn that there are biodegradable pet toys, food bowls, and even cat litter! Here are some of the options we’ll be buying for our own furry friends…

For your little ones:
Last but certainly not least, there are so many eco-friendly and all-natural baby products out there that we love! Since we’re on a mission to make as many biodegradable swaps as we can throughout our homes and lives, these baby options are new on our list. From diapers to wipes, these items won’t be taking up room in the local landfills…

Now that we see how simple it is to make environmentally friendly swaps in our homes, we can’t wait to see how many other areas in our lives that we can green!

Will you be taking this biodegradable challenge with us?

Let us know how you green your routines in the comments below!

XO Team LC

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