We’ve all been there: Your creative juices aren’t flowing, the motivation isn’t there, and popping out of bed in the morning bright-eyed and bushy-tailed just isn’t in the cards. This is what we call a funk, and we’ve all been through one. Having these moments of creative lows or just plain lulls of motivation are normal—it happens to the best of us. After all, we can’t expect to be on an upswing all the time, because that’s just not realistic. However, that’s not to say that being in a funk isn’t frustrating as ever. Today I’m shedding some light on this topic and sharing a few things I personally do to get out of my own little funks from time to time. I’m sure you all have good tips too, so I’d love you to add to my list by sharing your tips in the comments. Here are a few ways to kick the blues and get back on track…

1. Get out and be social.
You might not think that something as simple as socializing can boost your mood, but it’s actually a great way to get your mind off your funk and get out of your routine. Schedule a lunch with work friends, coffee with an old pal, or dinner with the girls. Pick a fun place, and go into the meal in a relaxed mood, knowing it’s something you’re doing for yourself to unwind and have fun. It’s worth mentioning that putting your phone away will make the meeting so much more enjoyable, and your company will appreciate it too.

2. Log in a workout.
A good sweat can work wonders when you’re in a funk. I mean, you don’t hear people preaching about endorphins for nothing! Even if it feels like you’re dragging yourself to the gym, get out and get moving. Throw on your favorite workout gear (a new outfit can work magic, by the way) and log in one of your favorite workouts. Or, try a new class that you’ve heard good reviews about. It just might become your new favorite workout, and this will have you feeling motivated to start up a healthy new habit.

3. Volunteer your time.
Getting some perspective can change your whole outlook. One of my top recommendations for getting out of a funk is to participate in some community service. Volunteering for those in need instantly changes your world view and will make your “funk” seem silly in the grand scheme of things. Do your research, find a cause that feels important to you, and get out there to do some good in the world.

4. Read a good book.
Since you can pretty much Amazon Prime every possible book nowadays, there’s almost no excuse not to pick a read that interests you and get lost in a wonderful story. Finding a good page turner to read before bed or on cozy weekends will give you a story to look forward to—at least, that’s what it does for me. I recommend finding a story about a character who overcomes struggles in their life to shed some perspective on your own negative mood.

5. Talk it out.
Often times, we all have things we really do need to talk through and get off our chests. And, while your friends and parents are great listening ears, they can only do so much. That’s why therapy is such a healthy practice to incorporate into your regular routine. Seeing a professional to unload what’s on your mind can be immensely helpful and cathartic.

6. Take a class.
I’ve always heard people say, “A cure to a bad mood is learning something new.” I never knew how true it was until I took that advice for myself. Turn your mood upside down by taking a class and learning about something that challenges you. It can be as simple as a one-time pottery or cooking class, or as involved as signing up for an evening Photoshop class at your local community college. No matter what it is that interests you, the challenge of learning is sure to do your mood some good.

7. Plan a trip.
If you’ve ever felt inspired and invigorated when traveling, you know how much it can affect your mood overall. If you’re feeling down and out, start planning a trip ASAP to visit a friend or to a far off destination you’ve been wanting to visit. You’ll have something on your schedule look forward to, which acts as a great distractor. The hope is that by the time you’re on the trip, you’re already out of your funk. But if not, some exploring, delicious food and great company will certainly help.

8. Have some fun!
If you’re in a funk, you’re probably just feeling down and out in general and could use a little… well, fun. Whatever it is that tickles your fancy—your hobby, your guilty pleasure, your indulgence—let yourself just have a moment of fun. For me, this comes in the form of taking a break from my phone and computer, and spending time with my family at the beach or in my garden. It can be anything from baking cookies to binge watching your favorite show with friends to antique shopping. However you choose to have fun, make sure you unplug and truly enjoying the moment.

What tips do you have for getting out of a funk?

I’d love to read your thoughts in the comments below.

XO Lauren

Photos: Kailee Dimeglio for Hill Heady
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