Quiz: What Wardrobe Risk Should You Take This Year?

“New year, new you” seems to be a resounding motto this month. We are all aboard the resolution train and are ready to make some big changes in our day to day lives too. Cleaner eating, regular exercise and greening our routines are just a few goals that we can name right off the bat. But there’s another area in our lives that tends to be overlooked every January when resolutions are being written down. This year we’ve promised ourselves to take more fashion risks. Sounds pretty simple, right? We find ourselves getting comfortable when it comes to personal style, and we’re ready to make the leap into a bolder, chicer new look. If this sounds like something you can benefit from too, we recommend taking our style quiz to find out just what wardrobe risk you should be taking this year. Let’s get started…

1. Your current closet situation is looking…

A) Jam-packed. I have a hard time letting things go.
B) Black and white. I’m a sucker for that monochromatic look.
C) Stocked with the best this season has to offer.
D) Classic pieces that I’ve had for as long as I can remember.

2. In one word, your current style can be summed up as…

A) Eclectic.
B) Neutral.
C) Trendy.
D) Loved.

3. Your shopping trips usually include…

A) Visiting every store on my radar and trying everything on.
B) Popping into a few favorite places with some pieces already in mind.
C) Buying the brands all of your favorite fashion bloggers are wearing.
D) I honestly haven’t been shopping for myself in way too long.

4. My favorite accessory is…

A) A pair of retro statement earrings I found at a thrift store.
B) A sturdy handbag in an evergreen silhouette.
C) This month’s hottest pair of shoes.
D) A dainty necklace that I never take off.

5. During my last closet cleanout I learned…

A) I might have a problem letting things go.
B) I’m a sucker for structure and organization.
C) Color coordination is my middle name.
D) I could benefit from picking up a few more pieces.

6. If you had to pick an article of clothing to take with you on a desert island, it would be…

A) Do I really have to pick just one?
B) My favorite pair of worn in cut-offs.
C) A sundress because life’s a party.
D) A practical sunhat for all of that sunbathing.

7. Your style mantra is…

A) More is more.
B) Elegance is evergreen.
C) Dress for yourself.
D) Creature of comfort.

Now that you’ve answered a few short questions, it’s time to get to those results!

Mostly A’s

Time to minimize!
It sounds like you could benefit from a closet cleanout! You love variety, and that definitely isn’t a bad thing. This year, we challenge you to start 2018 off with wardrobe overhaul and refined shopping habits. Why not invest in a few evergreen pieces that you can recycle a few times a year instead of stocking up multiples? Simplicity is your new vocabulary term. 

Mostly B’s

Play with color!
We love a closet full of neutrals as much as you do, but why not have a little more fun? Chances are your closet is already stocked with the essentials so we challenge you to add a pop of color here and there. Up your accessory game with some colorful flats or statement earrings. That way you don’t have to sacrifice your personal style, you’re just elevating it.

Mostly C’s

Trade in your trendy pieces!
Adding trendy pieces to your wardrobe isn’t a bad thing, but it seems like you might be going a bit overboard. 2018 is your time to trade in your trend-driven wardrobe and start over with the basics. Your New Year’s wardrobe resolution is to be more mindful when shopping for the season. Because realistically, you don’t need every new and trendy item.

Mostly D’s

Stop playing it safe!
It sounds like you could benefit from a ‘treat yourself’ kind of shopping trip. We understand holding onto sentimental pieces, but that doesn’t include your entire closet. This year we encourage you to step outside of your comfort zone and add a few more new and fun pieces into the mix. After all, you deserve it!

What do you think about your results?  

Let us know what score you got and what you think of it in the comments!

XO Team LC

Photos: Getty Images for LC Lauren Conrad
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