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In the age of email, Facebook, and Paperless Post, it’s rare to get a piece of real mail that isn’t a catalogue or online shopping order. For birthday parties and many other events, digital invitations are perfectly acceptable nowadays (and even the more eco-friendly option). But just like a wedding, the birth of a baby is one of those milestone occasions where nothing compares to good old-fashioned printed paper. With that in mind, today we wanted to share a few tips for anyone considering sending out baby announcements for their new bundle of joy. Since the etiquette surrounding baby announcements isn’t as widely known as wedding invitations for instance, it can be hard knowing what information to include and when to send them. Luckily, we had Sugar Paper cofounder Chelsea Shukov to give us the rundown. Read on for all the etiquette rules involved with baby announcements, along with a few tips for making your announcement a special keepsake for everyone who receives it.

the cutest baby announcements with Sugar Paper

Is it still important to get announcements printed in the digital age?
A baby announcement is more than just a way to share good news; it is a keepsake. It can be the first page in your baby book or the first baby photo on your mantle. New grandparents, aunts and uncles love to pass a tangible sentiment around their office or brunch circle, and show off their new pride and joy with style.

the perfect baby announcement with Sugar Paper

How soon do you have to get your baby announcements out after the birth of your baby?
Traditional etiquette says you have up to six months from the birth of your baby to send an announcement. In order get them out in time, Chelsea Shukov of Sugar Paper recommends preparing the announcement before your baby arrives. When you are pregnant you can schedule a consult on the design and select a favorite layout prior to your due date. That way, once the little one is here, the designer can simply fill in the blanks like name, weight, etc. and get started on the printing right away. Having a list of names and addresses, purchasing stamps, and addressing your envelopes before baby arrives can also help expedite the process. That said, if your announcements go out a little later than that, we’re pretty sure friends and family will understand you’ve had your hands full!

the perfect baby announcements with Sugar Paper

What type of information should be included on baby announcements?
According to Chelsea, a baby announcement should reflect a family’s personality. Is your family more formal and traditional or casual and humorous? These distinctions should help you decide what information to include on your announcement. Less formal announcements will simply include baby’s name (and gender if not obvious by the name or design), birth date, time, weight and height. More formal announcements could include place of birth, both parents’ full names, name of siblings and possibly even grandparents. Keep things sweet and simple though. A baby announcement is simply meant to be a beautiful keepsake worthy of display. Save the birth story and lengthy family updates for your holiday card or blog.

the sweetest baby announcements with Sugar Paper

Do you need to have professional photos taken for your baby announcement?
Newborn photography can be tricky. Baby’s mood, location, lighting and props are just some of the factors to be considered in order to get a good shot. With that in mind, it is usually worth it to hire a professional photographer who specializes in newborn photography. Not only does it improve the presentation of your announcement, but it will bring you joy again and again. The first few weeks of your baby’s life fly by, and it would be a shame to miss the opportunity to properly document it. Also, we guarantee you will never tire of looking back at those photos.

Do you plan on sending out baby announcements?

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