chatting with Angela Lanter of Hello Gorgeous

Hey Ladies, it’s Anna from Fash Boulevard again, bringing you another edition of my interview series, Ladies Who Laptop. This month’s spotlight is an ultra-successful YouTuber and the mastermind behind the popular beauty blog, Hello Gorgeous. Hailing from Akron, OH, Angela Lanter is a queen of multitasking. With an already jam-packed schedule, the first time momma-to-be also recently launched a raw and hilarious podcast with her actor husband, Matt Lanter, called Hello Bump, where the duo chronicle the good, the bad and the embarrassing moments of her pregnancy. I’m telling you guys, it’s a must-listen. Today, Angela opens up about her all-time favorite YouTube videos, her favorite beauty products and the most difficult moments throughout her pregnancy thus far. Let’s dive in…

chatting with Angela Lanter of Hello Gorgeous beauty blog

Let’s start from the beginning. What were you doing before launching your blog, Hello Gorgeous?

I was a fraud investigator for an insurance agency.  I’ve had a passion for beauty from a very young age, so I always knew my heart’s desire was to be in the beauty industry in some capacity.

How did you get into beauty blogging?

I launched my blog in January 2013, after my girlfriends all encouraged me to share my creativity with the Internet.

What is your favorite and least favorite thing about blogging? 

My favorite would be the community of women that I’ve built that feels like they’re all my friends, not my followers.  I love having this space where I can create content and share with my Gorgeous Girls on a daily basis.

Least favorite would be the occasional nasty comment that comes along. When you open yourself up to the Internet, of course negativity is to be expected, but sometimes trolls can be a real downer. I’ve had to learn all about getting some thick skin.

Anna James interviews Angela Lanter of Hello Gorgeous

Since you blog about your favorite beauty products, can you share a couple of your current favorite items?

What is a typical day in the life of Angela Lanter?

I try to get up and work on emails while having breakfast and coffee, but it almost always goes longer than that time period. Depending on the day, I then move on to work on blog or YouTube content: writing, photo shoots, styling, shooting videos, etc.

Favorite beauty trend and least favorite beauty trend?

Least: Crazy brows that are wavy, braided, crazy colors…  Keep it simple, girls!
Favorite: Glossy lids.

Angela Lanter of beauty blog Hello Gorgeous

Your husband Matt helps behind the scenes with your beauty videos and now you guys are working together to put out the podcast. What’s the best and most challenging part of working with your husband?

We’re that weird couple that never gets tired of being around each other. We tend to bring out the best in each other creatively and do our best work when we’re together. The bad part?  I’m not an actress, so he still has moments of frustration with me on camera, especially when it comes to voiceover. It’s not easy being married to Anakin Skywalker, haha!

Can you share with us your three favorite Hello Gorgeous YouTube videos?

I love our Halloween videos!  If I can only pick one Halloween video, it would be this one.

I also love my beautyblender tutorial, which you can find here.

And here’s my tutorial on how to cover dark circles.

Angela Lanter of beauty blog Hello Gorgeous

What inspired you to start the Hello Bump podcast? 

Matt (my husband) and I noticed early on that pregnancy wasn’t roses and rainbows all the time for me. I’ve had a lot of women in my life talk about pregnancy as if it was this perfect experience, and that wasn’t my experience at all… So, we decided to create a podcast where we would journal the real-life moments for other mamas and even dads out there. I’ve been textbook for most every symptom, and even some that very few experience (like a horrible cyst in my first trimester), so we decided to record it for ourselves to remember the experience. When we listened to our chat session we realized it was pretty funny and why not share it with our followers?

You guys jokingly call your podcast the “TMI Podcast.” Have you and your husband had any regrets since sharing your pregnancy journey with the public?

Not really. I’ve been very open on my blogging journey about bodily issues like my struggles with endometriosis and even having small breasts, so I’m obviously a pretty open person.

interview with Angela Lanter of Hello Gorgeous

Can you share with us some of your favorite pregnancy purchases?

My favorite just so happens to be my husband’s least favorite… My pregnancy pillow! I have the Leachco Snoogle and it’s been a lifesaver. I also love Bio-Oil for stretch marks, Ingrid & Isabel BellaBand, and maternity clothes from brands like PinkBlush and Seraphine.

Favorite pregnancy app?

The BabyBump App because of the message boards you can join and chat with other women that are due your same month.

What has been the most challenging part of your pregnancy so far?

In the first trimester, it was the all day nausea. In the early second trimester, it was the headaches, now in the third trimester, it’s the leg cramps and the sore muscles. So basically, the toughest part has been just physically feeling bad. But when I feel those baby kicks, all the bad is forgotten.

interview with Angela Lanter on

Have you started decorating the nursery?

We’ve been so blessed with so many goodies for our sweet baby girl, but I’m the worst when it comes to décor. I take forever to make a decision and I’m still hemming and hawing over whether or not to wallpaper a wall…  I haven’t even gone down the road of furniture or color schemes yet! This week we’re getting serious about decorating though, because we’re getting down to the wire and furniture can take forever to be delivered!

For your dedicated podcast listeners, have you guys figured out how the podcast will end? Will you keep sharing your journey once Baby Lanter has arrived?

We’re not exactly sure yet.  We’ve loved podcasting and learning about that world, but we haven’t decided how, when or if we’ll end Hello Bump yet.

interview with Angela Lanter on

Let’s talk digital persona: What advice do you have for ladies about keeping things “real.”

There are thousands of influencers out there but only one you. Be YOU. It’s so easy to fall into the trap of appearing perfect online, but authenticity is what I believe people are really craving. Perfection can be intimidating but relatability is what people crave.

Words to live by?

“Don’t get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life.” –Dolly Parton. Love me some Dolly!

Be sure to check out Angela’s blog here and the Hello Bump podcast here!

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