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If you read our post last week about this spooky Black Widow Berry Cocktail, you might have noticed the fun spider swizzle sticks that adorned these drinks. Well, I’m pleased to say that we crafted said swizzle sticks by hand, and today I am showing you the simple tutorial for how to make them. You can add these DIY drink stirrers to any Halloween cocktail you make this season. And if you’re having a larger costume party, it’s easy to make them in bulk. Here are the steps to make your own DIY spider swizzle sticks…

DIY Spider Swizzle Sticks on

DIY Spooky Spider Cocktail Swizzle Sticks 

Here’s What You Will Need:

  • plain glass cocktail stirrers (we ordered these ones)
  • small plastic black spiders (we used these ones)
  • glue gun + glue
  • loose glitter

Here’s How to Make Them:

DIY spooky spider swizzle sticks via

1. Take your glass swizzle stick and your glue gun and add a little dollop of glue to one end.

how to make spider swizzle sticks for Halloween

2. Dip the end with glue in your loose glitter…

how to make your own spooky spider swizzle sticks

3. Then immediately stick the spider on the glitter glue. Let dry (should only take about one minute) and use to stir up your favorite cocktail!

DIY spooky spider swizzle sticks

Simple as that! Pin the photos above so you can make this DIY the next time you need to give your Halloween cocktail a spooky touch.

What drink will you put these spider swizzle sticks in?

If you haven’t already tried our Black Widow Berry Cocktail, click here for the recipe.

XO Lauren

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