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Izze Ice Cream Float Bar

Although the weather doesn’t seem to be cooling down any time soon, we’re soaking up every last minute of summer as we head into the last month of the season. And between weddings, baby showers and birthday parties, our social calendars are filling up quickly. A few weeks ago we threw a soirée to celebrate a friend’s little one’s birthday, and we pulled out all the stops to make it as sweet and summery as possible.

To take the celebration up a notch, and in an effort to create a sweet treat that both the kids and mamas would love, we created an ice cream float bar that was too pretty not to photograph. With a scoop of sherbet, the fizz of our favorite flavors of IZZE sparkling juice, and a cherry on top, this summertime dessert was a major crowd pleaser. Today we’re sharing all of the details with you!

The cutest ice cream social featuring Izze sodas

To create our float bar, we used the kitchen sink as our ice box by filling it with dozens of colorful and flavorful bottles of IZZE—resulting in each guest’s eyes lighting up the moment they walked in. Not only did the array of IZZE flavors capture the attention of the kiddos, but all of us adults were equally as excited to enjoy refreshing sparkling sips. Serving IZZE elevated our party from a standard old ice cream social to a fun-filled, bright and lively soirée. Plus, each IZZE sparkling juice is packaged so beautifully and they come in such bright, cheerful colors—who wouldn’t want to try one of each flavor?

Ice cream social with Izze on

The cutest ice cream social with Izze

Here’s how we set up our ice cream float bar, and some of our favorite moments from our end-of-summer celebration…

Sweetest ice cream social with Izze

You Will Need…

  • IZZE Sparkling Juice
  • your favorite flavors of ice cream, sherbet or sorbet
  • toppings for the floats; we used sprinkles, cherries, and fresh fruit

Ice cream float bar with Izze

We started setting up by stringing a Celebrate banner above our float bar and laying out party hats and party blowers. After filling the sink with plenty of ice and our favorite IZZE flavors—we chose grapefruit, clementine, peach, pomegranate, and cherry lime for our party—it was time to set up the rest of the sweets…

We filled a metal tub with ice and displayed four fruity flavors of ice cream that would complement the IZZE flavors well (which wasn’t hard to do!). At the end of our float bar, we had fresh berries and sprinkles waiting for guests to add to their floats.

Ice cream float bar with Izze on

And as if that wasn’t sweet enough, we had cupcakes and a cake to celebrate the birthday boy. The waffle cookies around the cake made for wonderful additions to the ice cream floats, too…

Ice cream float bar with Izze

Izze ice cream float bar on

Ice cream float bar with Izze

An ice cream float bar for the end of summer

The cutest ice cream float bar with Izze

End-of-summer ice cream float bar

As guests arrived, they made their way through our ice cream float assembly line, starting with scooping their ice cream, and moving on to choosing their IZZE flavor (which proved to be a very fun but difficult decision for some kids). IZZE was the perfect, unique ingredient for our floats, and allowed us to get creative with several delicious flavors instead of sticking to traditional ones like root beer and orange soda. IZZE offers eight fruit-forward flavors, all of which are made with 70 percent fruit juice and a splash of sparkling water. Not only did the kids love these better-for-you refreshments, but all of us adults were grabbing bottles of IZZE all day long for a bright, bubbly sip.

End-of-summer ice cream floats with IZZE

End of summer ice cream float party

An end of summer ice cream float party

Ice cream float social with IZZE

Our ice cream float party ended with a handful of very excited little ones, happy mamas, and a song for the birthday boy. A dozen IZZE + ice cream flavor combinations later (our favorite was rainbow sherbet and peach IZZE), and we were all ready for a big afternoon nap!

How will you be serving IZZE sparkling juice at your next get together?

And, do you have any end-of-summer entertaining traditions?

Let us know in the comments below—we’d love to read all about them.

XO Team LC

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