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We don’t know about you, but this warm summer weather has been inspiring us to kick our workout routine in high gear. From running the stairs to exercising on the beach, the summer has been one for the books in terms of staying in shape (thanks in part to our resident fitness expert, Dr. Hunter Vincent!). With more sunny days ahead, we’re feeling more motivated than ever to continue toning, strengthening, and keeping our minds and bodies fit this season. And today we’re going to do just that by presenting to you… Our 2017 30-Day Abs Challenge!

You might remember us sharing a similar challenge last summer, but this time around, we have three new moves you’ll be doing over the course of the next 30 days. After all, bikini season is still going strong, now is the time to get the abs you’ve always wanted, build your core strength and feel more confident than ever. Who’s with us?

This challenge includes three moves that will target your lower abs, upper abs, obliques and overall core. The way it works is just like last year… When you scroll down and look at our 30-Day Abs Challenge chart below, you’ll notice that it is mapped out as a calendar grid. Start at the top and do the best you can, completing each day’s abs exercise for 30 days. We’ll be doing it right along with you!

Now let’s get started. Are you ready to do this summer’s 30-Day Abs Challenge with us? Here we go…

Team LC's 30-day ab challenge

Here are explanations of all three moves, if you haven’t done them before:

Russian Twists:

Start in sit up position with your feet tucked under the bottom of the couch. Engage your core by drawing you belly button to the small of your back. Lean back, dropping your body towards the floor, like you are going to do a sit up, stopping when you are at the halfway point. Once you are here you should feel your abs firing! Put your hands on top of your head or straight out in front of you and twist your upper body side to side. Expert Tip: Keep your core tight and your chest up tall for proper technique.

Leg Raises:

Lay down on your back and place your hands palm-down under your butt. Start by slowly raising your legs up, so that they are perpendicular to your body, then slowly lower them down again until about an inch or two above the ground. Repeat. Don’t go too fast—using momentum won’t engage those lower abs you want to tone. The slower you go, the more you will feel the burn.

Mountain Climbers:

Start in a plank position and draw your abdominals in as you drive one knee into your chest. Then, quickly switch legs, driving the other knee into your chest. It will feel like you are running in a plan position. Do these quickly to get your heart rate up and burn extra calories!

If this doesn’t get your abs in shape, we don’t know what will! These moves may start off easy, but they get pretty tough at the end when your reps are in the triple digits. For all of you who followed along with us last year, you’ll remember how sore you were at the end of each set of abs. But it gets easier as you go on, and after just a week you will feel your abs get so much stronger!

Team LC's 30-day abs challenge on

Join Team LC's 30-day abs challenge for the summer

Remember to stretch before and after each set (the two stretches above are our favorites), and you can add some cardio or brisk walking to your routine every day to see results even faster.

Will you be joining us in doing this 30-Day Abs Challenge?

Let us know in the comments below. And if you do give it a try, be sure to post your progress photos on Instagram with #LCdotcomloves. You might even see your photos featured on our Instagram or Insta stories!

XO Team LC

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