The best natural home products via Grove Collaborative

Here at Team LC, we like to think about our homes the same way we think about our bodies… We want all-natural, safe and healthy ingredients in our cleaning products and in our beauty products. Gone are the days of toxic bleach solutions, chemical-laden laundry detergents, and harsh dish washer solutions. We’re all aboard the green cleaning train, and moving full speed ahead. So, you can imagine how excited we were when, a few months ago, we came across a delivery service that ships good-smelling, beautifully packaged, green cleaning and organic beauty products straight to our doorsteps. Enter our newest obsession: Grove Collaborative.

Team LC's favorite natural home care products

If you feel the same way we do about having quality cleaning products on hand, you’ll love how Grove makes it easy to get natural, organic products delivered straight to your home (either bi-monthly or monthly… your choice!). We couldn’t wait to give Grove a try and place an order. And, after doing so, each of our editors discovered so many must-haves that we’ll be using every day. Today, our editor Allison is sharing her new favorite natural cleaning products that she found through Grove, and we’ve got an exclusive FREE gift for all readers when you give Grove a try. Read below (or click here) for Allison’s take!

Team LC's favorite natural home products

“This concept is so smart—it blew my mind!”

My favorite Grove product is by far the glass spray bottle + cleaning concentrates kit. This concept is so smart—it blew my mind! Since so many store-bought cleaning products are made up mostly of water, you end up spending money on a plastic bottle you’ll end up throwing away and an expensive cleaning solution that is primarily made up of H20. But with the Grove cleaning essentials concentrates set, all you have to do is squeeze the contents of the tube into your glass spray bottle, fill the rest of it with water, then spray away! The concentrates set includes a glass cleaner, an all-purpose cleaner and a tub and tile cleaner. Did I mention that the packaging is recyclable and pretty, and they all smell great? Never again will I buy any other cleaning sprays. – Allison

Today, we’re giving all of our readers a Grove Cleaning Concentrates Set – an All Purpose Cleaner Concentrate 2-Pack, a pretty glass Spray Bottle and a Grove Dish Towel – all FREE when you sign up for Grove Collaborative and place your first order of $20 or more. Simply click here to sign up!**

Already a customer of Grove’s? No worries we’ve got a special offer for you too. Click here to get 25% off their new sinkside tray!**

Happy green cleaning! And be sure to let us know which items you’ll be putting in your cart so that we can try out your favorites too.

What cleaning and beauty supplies will you be ordering?

XO Team LC

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**Please note that this offer is available for US domestic only as Grove currently does not ship to Canada, Hawaii, Puerto Rico or Alaska.