We’re back with Dr. Hunter Vincent again today, our resident LaurenConrad.com personal trainer and fitness expert, who will be sharing a rainbow stairs workout that will have you in great cardio shape just in time for bikini season! Keep reading to find out how to look and feel your best this summer…

It’s time to revisit one of our favorite outdoor workouts… the stairs. Now, if you tried our last stair workout, you know there’s just no way to cheat your workout when you’re sweating it out on the stairs! They are guaranteed to get your heart pounding, your legs shaking, and get you outside for some sunshine in the process. So, here’s your summer stair workout, round two. See you at the top!

Get a great stairs workout via LaurenConrad.com

Single Stair Jog (warm up):
Here’s your warm up set. Take it one stair at a time, get your blood moving and jog it all the way to the top!

Single Stair Runs & Squats at the Rainbow Stairs

Single Stair Runs + Squats:
Now, pick up the pace a little and turn that warm up jog into a bit more of a run. Then, when you get to the top, stop and do 20 body weight squats. Then head back to the bottom for another set.

Double Stair Lunges at the Rainbow Stairs

Double Stair Lunges:
Take some big steps, skipping two or three stairs, depending on your height. The key is to go slow, take big steps and feel the burn in your glutes and hamstrings.

Stair workout via Dr. Hunter Vincent on LaurenConrad.com

This one can be a little tough to get in a rhythm, but it’s by far the most fun! Start by jumping up a stair with two feet, then landing on your right foot only. Then jump up from your right foot, and land back on two feet on the next stair. Now jump up a stair again from two feet, but this time land on your left foot. Continue up the staircase, alternating two feet, right leg, two feet, left leg… Just like grade school hopscotch, right? But harder…

Rainbow Stairs Workout on LaurenConrad.com

Rainbow Stairs Workout on LaurenConrad.com

Rainbow Stairs Workout on LaurenConrad.com

Cross Steps:
Start by standing sideways, with your right foot on the 2nd stair. Now, step up and cross your left leg in front of your right leg, onto the stair above. Then, step up 2 stairs with your right foot again, and cross your left leg up to the next step. Keep repeating this all the way up the flight of stairs. Walk back down the steps normally, and switch sides, starting with your left leg.

Stairs split squats

Stairs Split Squats

Double Stair Runs + Split Squats:
Now let’s up the difficulty a little bit. Get back to your running pace, but this time skip a stair with each step. Hit the top, safely make it back to the bottom, and do 15 Bulgarian split squats on each leg. Here’s a tip: Place your back leg on the 2nd or 3rd stair, depending on your height. This will allow you to keep your front knee behind your toe and get good depth with each lunge.

Stair sprints at the Rainbow Stairs on LaurenConrad.com

This is where you really go for it! Single stair, double stair, triple, whatever you want. But give it your all and sprint to the top. Walk down the stairs slowly… I repeat slowly, letting your heart rate recover. Then hit it hard again. You can do it!

Here’s our full Rainbow Stair workout broken down for you…

Rainbow Stairs Workout on LaurenConrad.com

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Photos: Jessi Burrone for LaurenConrad.com