We’re back with Dr. Hunter Vincent again today, our resident LaurenConrad.com personal trainer and fitness expert, who will sharing a summer workout you can do at the beach! Keep reading to find out how to look and feel your best this summer…

Summer is just around the corner, and it’s time to get outside, soak up some sun, and break a sweat! Here’s another great total body workout to give you more fresh ideas for stay fit and healthy during the summer. Our theme for this workout is combo exercises. When you work multiple muscles at the same time, you incorporate more multi-joint movements, which can help get your heart rate up and improve efficiency with your workouts. So get outside, break a sweat, and enjoy the workout!

The perfect do-anywhere full body workout

Reverse Lunge + Lateral Raise:
Here’s a great upper and lower body combo exercise. Start with your feet together and dumbbells at your side. Step back into a reverse lunge, keeping your front knee behind your toe. As you step back, raise your arms from your sides, with your palms facing down, at shoulder level. Then, step forward to normal standing position, and bring your arms back to your side. On the next rep, step back with the opposite leg.

Single leg bicep curls

Do-anywhere full body workout

Single-leg bicep curls

Single Leg Bicep Curls:
The key to this exercise is to stay balanced and go slow! First, grab your dumbbells and balance on one leg, then raise the other leg so you are balancing in a “runner’s pose.” While holding this position, slowly curl the dumbbells up towards your shoulder, with your palms facing outward. Your goal is to curl up for 3 seconds, and slowly uncurl for 3 seconds.

Sumo squat and tricep extensions

Tricep extensions from sumo squat

Sumo Squat + Tricep Extensions:
Let’s add a new degree of difficulty to our sumo squats from the last Shape Up routine… Start with your feet wider than shoulder width apart, and your toes turned outwards to about 45 degrees. Grab your dumbbell and hold it straight up over your head, with your elbows straight. I find it easiest to hold the dumbbell under one of the weighted sides. As you squat down, let the dumbbell drop behind your head, by only bending your elbows. When you are standing up from your squat, straighten your arms at the same time. This added dumbbell will not only add weight to your sumo squats, but also focus on toning your triceps!

Steering wheel squat holds

Steering Wheel Squat Holds:
Go ahead and start down in your deep squat. Challenge yourself and go low! Now, grab the dumbbell by the weighted sides and hold it straight out in front of you at shoulder level, keeping your arms straight. Staying in your squat, and keeping your arms straight, rotate the dumbbell clockwise, then counterclockwise, and repeat. Try to keep rotating the dumbbell for 30s. If you’re feeling really good, aim for 60s.

Push up plank presses

Push up plank presses

Pushup Plank Presses:
Here’s a great upgrade for your standard plank. Start in a standard pushup position, with your hands and feet at shoulder width apart. Pick up your dumbbell in one hand, and now you will be holding your plank with only one arm. Push the dumbbell over your head, the same way you would if you were standing on your feet. Focus on maintaining proper alignment with your plank. Keep your core tight! Bring the dumbbell back to your shoulder, and then press over your head for another rep. And make sure to switch arms.

Mountain climber dumbbell rows

Mountain climber dumbbell rows

Mountain Climber DB Rows:
Let’s finish off the round with an exercise that will definitely get your heart pumping. Stay in your push up position, but this time have a dumbbell in each hand. Start by driving your right knee towards your right elbow, then quickly alternating to a left knee drive. You are going to do 4 quick mountain climbers, then a dumbbell row with each arm. Pull one dumbbell to your hip and place it back on the ground, then switch to a row on the other side. Head straight back into four more quick mountain climbers. The key is to keep proper posture throughout your core and keep up your pattern of four mountain climbers and two dumbbell rows.

The best do-anywhere full body workout

Here’s the full workout broken down for you. Try doing 3 rounds of each exercise!

Full-body workout you can do anywhere

If you gave this workout a try, which exercises did you think were the most difficult?

Let us know in the comments below. And a big thanks to Dr. Hunter for sharing this workout with us!

XO Team LC

Photos: Jessi Burrone for LaurenConrad.com